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Olive Skin Serum
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Olive Skin Serum

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Unveil an instant radiant glow with the healing power of Olive Squalene

Olive Skin Serum is your daily essential moisturiser, antioxidant and age-defying active. Designed to lock moisture into the skin, repair and restore the skin's natural luminosity. This multi-tasking serum is enriched with pure Olive Squalene, which resembles the skin’s in-built moisturiser and protector; ‘Squalene’.

Our skin naturally produces less squalene overtime. Therefore, it is essential to replenish your squalene levels with Olive Skin Serum daily to achieve healthy, radiant skin.

This universal skin formulation delivers an instant dose of hydration and nourishment that is clinically proven to combat many skin issues from dehydration, to wrinkles, dull complexions, scars, pigmentation and ultrasensitive skin (eczema, sun-damaged). Available size 15ml.


Olive Skin Serum contains 99.7% of plant-derived olive squalene with the added benefits of Natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C ester. Most importantly these ingredients work to maximise the healing and anti-aging benefits of this product.

Did you know that your skin has its own natural moisturiser?
Our skin is a living organ blessed with an intelligent in-built moisturiser, ‘Squalene’, which naturally lubricate, soften and provide a protective coating to help retain moisture in our skin.

By the age of 25, the amount of squalene in our skin decreases, making it more prone to dryness, irritation, dehydration and premature ageing, hench why it’s essential to replenish your squalene levels daily to help retain moisture and restoring suppleness.

Key Ingredient and benefits:
Olive Squalene mimics the skin’s natural ‘Squalene’, providing unrivalled hydration and antioxidant protection. When Olive squalene is applied to the skin, it is instantly recognised as its own allowing greater penetration and delivery into the skin.

Key features:
-Clinically proven and dermatologically tested
-Enriched with ‘active’ plant Olive Squalene, replicates Squalene produced in human skin
-Multi purpose – hydrating, scar healing, skin anti-oxidant and anti-irritant
-No mineral oils & silicones
-Silky texture, Non-greasy, odourless, light-weight
-Excellent as a make up primer
-Vegan certified

Learn why Olive Squalene is as vital to the skin as water is to life Here.


Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, Atopic Dermatitis & Rosacea


Squalene (Olive) 99.7%, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) 0.1%, Lecithin 0.1%, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) 0.1%

Clinical Trials

75% reported an immediate feeling of hydration
71% found it smoothed fine lines and wrinkles
79% reported an improvement in long term hydration*
63% found that it reduced pigmentation and age spots*
44% said it reduced the appearance of acne scars*
100% of testers (in skin compatibility testing) reported no irritations or allergic reactions; therefore non-irritating and suitable for atopic and sensitive skin.*
*in vivo clinical tests were conducted by a highly regarded third party European laboratory (J.S. Hamilton International Sp. Z o.o., 2016)


Squalane (Olive)
Pure form. Natural substance found in plants, such as olives, also the principal liquid and natural emollient found in human skin.
Squalane (Olive)