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Healthy, gorgeous skin starts with choosing the right vegan certified, cruelty-free skincare. Discover the safest and ethically produced range of vegan skin care products Australia has to offer. At Botani, we are passionate about botanical beauty and wellness, for humans and our planet.

We have been developing innovative face and body products which are free from any nasty ingredients and we strictly use only responsibly sourced olive derived ingredients, Australian native and traditional herbal extracts. Using all parts of the plant where possible to minimise wastage and ensure our products are safe for the environment and your skin.

Our vegan skincare products are created from the heart by a Melbourne naturopath. For over 15 years, Botani vegan skincare products have helped thousands of happy customers treat skin concerns and achieve healthy, glowing skin.

      36 products

      36 products

      Your guide to the best vegan skincare products Australia has to offer

      How do you know you are ‘buying right’? If you value quality skin products and you want to make better choices, this guide has all the answers. 

      What are vegan skincare products? 

      Strictly speaking, vegan skincare is made from ingredients which are not derived from animals or animal by-products. You may assume your skin cream or makeup would never be made from animals but the reality is quite surprising. Skin products have used animal-based ingredients for many years. This includes soap made with whale blubber, makeup made from crushed up beetles and mink oil in moisturiser. 

      The no animal testing / cruelty free movement pushed for cosmetics and beauty products developed without the need to harm animals. However, this didn’t necessarily mean no animal products were used to make them. Now, planet-conscious buyers are asking for products that include no animal-harming ingredients in the no-harm promise. When you see ‘vegan skincare’, the promise may ensure the product has no ingredients like beeswax, milk or sheep’s lanolin. 

      Why choose vegan skincare?

      The obvious benefit of buying vegan is knowing no animals have been harmed so you can have healthier skin. This will leave you feeling better about your purchases because they align with your values. Even if you’re not too concerned about animal well-being, keep in mind that farming plants are better for the environment than farming animals. As shared by PETA, seven football fields’ worth of land is bulldozed every minute. This creates room for farmed animals and the crops that feed them. By choosing vegan, you are contributing to more sustainable life on planet earth. 

      The other value is for your skin. Generally speaking, vegan skincare products contain fewer ingredients than their non-vegan counterparts. The benefits of this are especially noticed in sensitive skin because there are fewer ingredients to potentially react to. 

      From there, it’s all about plants. These miracles of nature are abundant in nutrients that your skin loves. Think revitalising Vitamin C from Quandong, natural Mastic to calm skin redness and irritation, and nature’s superior moisturiser Olive Squalene. Vegan skincare gives your skin the opportunity to replenish itself with nutrients that hydrate and add elasticity.

      How to find vegan skincare products

      Brands may claim to be vegan but it helps to look for the vegan-certified logo for reassurance. Products with the Vegan Australia Certified logo meet the high standards for vegan products set by Vegan Australia.

      • Free from animal products  
      • Not tested on animals

      In addition, no animal products are used in the production process. The manufacturer also takes all reasonable steps to avoid cross-contamination with animal products. Botani displays a vegan certified logo on many products and our brand sits on the Vegan Australia website. Our 100% natural botanical active ingredients result in high-quality, vegan skincare products that outperform mainstream, chemical-based products. This is in terms of effectiveness and environmental sustainability. 

      We are so proud to share our vegan skincare products with you. Australia is an especially delicate part of the world’s ecosystem, and we all share a responsibility to keep its environment free from dangerous chemicals. Our vegan skincare product line proves skin problems can be solved in a natural way. When you choose Botani for vegan skincare, you get the benefit of knowing you are making the right decision for the planet and your skin. You also support a local Australian-owned and operated business.

      Environmentally conscious formulations

      Environmentally conscious people deserve natural skincare products that deliver real and lasting results. You shouldn’t have to compromise the planet’s health for your skin’s health. That’s why at Botani, we use 100% natural botanical active-ingredients to make vegan products that outperform mainstream, chemical-based products in both effectiveness and environmental sustainability. We are tremendously proud of our vegan skincare products. Australia is an especially delicate area of the world’s ecosystem, and we all share a responsibility to keep its environment free from dangerous chemicals. Our fully organic product line proves that skin problems can be solved in a natural way, with total comfort and convenience. Over the years, Botani has continued to invest in further research and development for vegan skincare products. We do not follow trends or fads. We only create products we know will get to the root of your skincare concerns, and we are proud to say that this dedication to quality has earned us several awards.

      Our Story

      Our naturopath and herbalist founder, Barbara Filokostas, saw many clients who came to her after otherwise exasperating and fruitless searches for solutions to their ongoing skin care problems. These clients had tried countless conventional products – which were often filled with toxic chemicals and buffer materials – without any positive beauty results. Mainstream products failed to meaningfully help them alleviate the common skin problems that so many people face. Barbara’s customers were also rightly concerned about the negative environmental impact of the synthetic chemical ingredients contained in off-the-shelf products. Realising the need for an entirely new line of products, Barbara soon developed a plan. She would provide natural skincare solutions to people struggling with acne, eczema, ageing, fungal conditions, dehydration, sensitive skin, and other issues. These toxin-free products would be reparative and rejuvenating for the skin, while always remaining completely safe for the environment. Since these humble beginnings in 1998, Botani has been paving the way forward for a new era of skincare products. Our innovative approach is founded on two key pillars: Care for our customers, and care for the environment. These ideas blend together seamlessly through our commitment to eco-conscious, toxin-free, plant-based ingredients. 

      Nature Knows Best

      Pollution is widely understood to damage the environment, but it’s also equally tough on the skin. Modern society exposes us to more chemicals and toxins than ever before – and as a result, worldwide rates of skin conditions are on the rise. For both ourselves and the environment, it’s imperative that we embrace all-natural, plant-based skin care products. By combining the best that nature and science can provide, Botani products deliver the best of both worlds. Your skin will breathe more easily with the benefit of skin-biocompatible emollients and plant-based emulsifiers. Nutrient-rich beauty foods, antioxidants, and botanical extracts are also added to actively hydrate, soothe, and protect the skin the natural way. These effects are achieved entirely without the aid of toxic chemicals or synthetics typically found in mainstream products.

      Our products are 100% vegan, and certified cruelty free. All of our products undergo rigorous scientific testing to ensure the highest standards of performance and safety. We only use wild-harvested, high-quality organic ingredients in our products. These are sourced from around the world to create 100% botanically based solutions that solve skincare problems the natural way. Our signature ingredient, olive squalene, is the most potent superfood of the herbal and plant extract world. Our products use this essential resource in combination with other natural ingredients to provide complete solutions for safe and effective use. 

      Real Results 

      At Botani, we understand what it’s like to be promised the world by products that make big claims but don’t deliver. That’s why one of our foundational principles is to produce solutions that are treatment-focused and actually work. You’ll love the way our products feel and smell on your skin. And you’ll love even more than our products deliver real improvements to the health of your skin, keeping it firm, supple, and radiant. We are dedicated to using only natural and essential ingredients. We stay away from unnecessary and potentially harmful buffers and fillers so that our formulas remain pure and provide real, lasting results.

      Our products are always safety-tested to ensure they are non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to research and development. Our innovations are always based on sound science, instead of the popular trends of the day. We’re thrilled at the feedback we receive from our loyal customers. But just as important to us as our products’ positive effects on your skin, is how we keep our entire business 100% environmentally friendly. Everyone deserves products that bring out our natural beauty, without harming our precious planet.


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