baby skin care

Baby Skin Care

Welcome to your new little bundle of joy. Amongst all the celebration of this precious little life that you have been entrusted with can come some anxieties. You want everything to be perfect and want to make sure that everything that comes into contact with your baby is non-toxic, not just for your baby, but also for the environment – so that they may live in a safe and healthy world.

At Botáni we have considered all this, and our products meet the highest possible standards. They are safe for your baby’s delicate skin and safe for the environment, too!

The outermost covering of the newborn’s skin is the first protective layer against exterior aggressions. It is far more vulnerable and delicate than adult skin as babies have a thinner protective layer comprised of sweat and sebum. Its primary function is to protect babies’ skin from bacteria and help maintain skin moisturisation and softness.

A baby’s skin is more acidic than adult skin to protect against exposure to bacteria. Newborn skin tends to dehydrate and is quite permeable, allowing for the absorption of topically applied, synthetic ingredients which can be quite harmful to your baby.

Exposing your baby’s skin to astringent, alkaline based solutions disturbs the skin’s natural barrier, often resulting in dryness and irritation. During the first few years of life, it is essential to protect and care for the delicate structure of your baby’s skin by avoiding the use of harsh, petroleum-based and abrasive products which strip it of its vital natural oils.


A few drops of Olive Skin Serum in the bath can help keep the baby’s delicate skin hydrated. Soap is too harsh and drying. To clean your baby – use the Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser or PhytoBody wash to delicately clean skin and hair. Our 5 in 1 PhytoBody Wash will create natural bubbles in the bath – a non-drying alternative to SLS-laden bubble bath products.


Olive Skin Serum and Olive Hand and Body Cream is an effective treatment for all over use.


Phytoseptic Anti-Fungal Skin Cream is a safe and effective treatment for red, sore nappy rashes. Pop some Olivéne Repair Balm (a natural alternative to petroleum jelly) on top of the Phytoseptic to provide a natural protective barrier to help heal and prevent skin irritations.