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      17 products

      Dry Skin Cream

      The skin on your face is very delicate. That’s why it’s always best to use all-natural products, especially if you have dry skin.

      Healthy skin depends on having just the right amount of oil to keep things working. Too much can lead to pimples and blemishes, while not enough can lead to dry skin and all the annoyances that come with it. Environmental factors like cold weather; unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking; and certain health conditions are all contributing factors that cause havoc to the skin.

      Luckily, dry skin can be treated using many methods and products. The best dry skin treatment for each person depends on how sensitive and how dry their skin is. At Botani, we have many solutions for dry skin including moisturisers, face masks, and exfoliates.

      Oil has a bad reputation when it comes to skin. However, sebum – the scientific name for your skin’s natural oil – is important for keeping your skin hydrated and free of infections. Skin that does not naturally produce enough sebum becomes dry, itchy, flaky and prone to premature aging. Through natural ingredients like olive squalene, Botani’s products mimic your body’s natural oil to hydrate and protect your skin for long-lasting care.

      Botani aims to help everyone maintain the health of their skin, while also taking care to protect the environment. Our 100% natural products are both gentle and effective while remaining suitable for all skin types.

      Moisturisers and Creams

      As your body’s first line of defence, your skin protects your body from the outside world. Yet this service comes at a price: All day long, your skin collects debris which can lead to irritation, damage and dryness if left on your face. Moisturisers and creams function as a barrier to promote water retention and protect the skin against harsh weather as well as impurities. At Botani, we have many moisturisers and creams suited for all skin types that can be applied both morning and night.

      The Olive Repair Cream is an excellent solution for dry skin, it locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated and supple. Botani’s Olive Repair Cream has been specially formulated to relieve and treat symptoms caused by common skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and dry/irritate skin and common skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles.

      Olive squalene is the signature ingredient of this product. Even if you take care of your skin with good living habits, your natural squalene will still deplete over time. Olive squalene mimics the natural moisturiser in our skin to ensure it stays hydrated without getting too oily. The added hydration and nourishing ingredients will keep your skin looking soft, supple and radiant.

      The cream’s active ingredients are also highly penetrative. Only a small amount is required to maintain optimum skin health.

      Another moisturiser Botani has to offer is the Boost Balancing Moisturiser. This hydrating lotion is perfect for all skin types and is formulated with antibacterial properties which helps skin fight dreaded blemishes caused by hormonal breakouts. Moreover, the moisturiser helps balance and control excess oil production in the T-zone all whilst maintaining the skins optimal hydration levels.

      To view Botani’s full range of moisturisers, please click here.

      Gentle Facial Cleansers and Exfoliates

      It’s important to clean your face daily. However, many mass market cleansers and soaps contain artificial fragrances and chemicals, which can irritate and dry out your skin. It’s always better to use a mild facial cleanser, even if you don’t have sensitive skin. Botani’s cleansers are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals, artificial ingredients, and artificial fragrances.

      Our Purify Facial Cleanser is 100% sulphate free and suitable for all skin types.

      With both hydrating and nourishing properties, this unique formulation cleanses your skin while keeping it hydrated, refreshed, and free from bacteria. The light natural formula gently cleanses the skin and removes impurities without stripping the oils needed to keep the skin hydrated. What’s more, the anti-bacterial properties make the cleansers ideal for blemish and acne prone skin types.

      The skin cells on your face are shed and replaced faster than any other area on the body. At times this can lead to dry skin cells being stuck, causing dry patches. Botani’s range of exfoliating scrubs can remove the excess dry skin, bringing about healthier softer skin.

      Our Spirulina Salt Scrub is a luxurious body scrub which effectively exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. The unique formula also simultaneously hydrates the skin. The scrub contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties to protect and clean your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. The Spirulina Salt Scrub is 100% natural and gentle enough to be used on the entire body.

      Masks and Serums

      With natural ingredients that hydrate the skin, Botani’s masks and serums are also great at alleviating dry skin.

      Botani’s Olive Skin Serum is the perfect dry skin serum, containing 100% pure, phyto-active Olive Squalene. Ideal for combating dry, ageing skin, and providing deep long-lasting hydration that reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles – and with regular use can even decrease the appearance of scars and sun damage. The Olive Skin Serum is a gentle, fast absorbing, non-greasy formulation that can be applied to even the most sensitive of skin types.

      By providing your skin with high levels of moisture and the antioxidants needed to protect against environmental factors, Botani’s Radiant Rose Mask offers protection that not many dry skin face masks can match. With this product, you no longer need to worry about dry skin and its attendant symptoms. Simply apply our Radiant Rose Masks three times per week, and you’ll easily maintain the required hydration level for your skin. The product contains antioxidants to combat damage from free radicals in the air. It also stimulates cellular regeneration in the short term, to combat and reverse the effects of ageing in the long term.

      Natural Solutions are Always Best

      If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle with dry skin, you deserve products that can hydrate and treat your skin the all-natural way. Everyone deserves to have healthy, radiant skin and feel confident about the skin their in, but not at the expense of the planet – It’s our mission to provide both while keeping both you and Mother Nature shining bright.


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