Face Serum for Dry Skin

Choosing a face serum for dry skin can be a real challenge with so many options on the market and no guarantee they’ll work. At Botani, we like to keep things simple. With over 15 years of research and testing, we have discovered the most effective products are the ones which work synergistically with your own skin, rather than against it. This is why we only choose premium quality, natural and organic plant-derived ingredients, avoiding anything potentially harmful to your skin.

If you’re looking for the best face serum for dry skin or flaky skin, relief is finally here! Botani Olive Skin Serum features the world’s most biocompatible natural ingredient called Olive Squalene, which resembles the naturally occurring squalene found in human skin. What better way to treat a dry skin problem than with a pure, plant based healing oil, which provides direct hydration and repair to the developing skin layers?

      4 products

      4 products

      What is Dry Skin?

      Dry skin is considered to be one of the most common yet harder to treat skin types among people of different ages and from all parts of the world. The skin usually lacks its naturally occurring oils, can be affected by harsh environmental factors and is often characterised by appearing dull, flaky and having almost invisible pores.

      Choosing The Best Skin Serum for Dry Skin 

      Think about plant oils when choosing the best face serum for dry skin. Exotic flower oils from faraway countries. We recommend avoiding animal derived squalene and petroleum type products because they are generally the least beneficial to the skin, and in some cases can actually be quite harmful. The best skin serum for dry skin will be one that has a blend of ingredients that have a close affinity to the skin's natural lipids/structure. 

      Squalene And Squalane

      Firstly, you want to ensure the squalene is plant-derived and vegan - NOT sourced from sharks! What makes squalene so unique? Firstly, it's a naturally occurring lipid in our skin. That's right - we're all born with squalene to nourish and protect our skin, but it diminishes with age. Amazingly, we're able to source this wonder-lipid from organic olives and replicate that natural moisture barrier action to nourish the skin on a cellular level deeply. Choosing the best squalene oil is also no easy feat - it can be quite an unstable oil, so you need to make sure it has been blended with the right antioxidants to perform optimally, like the Olive Skin Serum. The difference between Squalene and Squalane is that Squalane is the hydrogenated version - it is more stable than Squalene but is not an 'active' ingredient. Both Squalane and Squalene are excellent emollients so will be very beneficial for dry skin! Squalene oil is one of the most multipurpose oils on the market - it does much more than deeply hydrate the skin! Also, a naturally anti-ageing plant active, Squalene's natural affinity to the skin means it is non-irritating and can be used by all skin types.

      Jojoba Oil

      Another excellent skin oil that has a natural affinity to the skin's sebum. Sebum is our own built-in moisturiser, also making up part of our skin's natural barrier. The Jojoba plant is pretty unique as it produces 'wax esters' that are identical to skin's very own sebum! This means it is a highly penetrable oil, just like Squalene oil! Jojoba oil has many skin benefits including being full of essential fatty acids (such as Omega 6 & 9), rich in Vitamins A, D and E, so it's also an excellent solution for those wanting to curb the signs of ageing, and if you have sensitive or reactive skin, this is also a low-irritant choice.


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