Natural Baby Products On Your Baby's Skin

Why You Should Use Natural Baby Products On Your Baby's Skin

MOTHER AND BABY TIP #2 - Nourish baby's skin Newborn babies really are the most precious bundles of joy. It is impossible not to find them adorable, with tiny fingers and toes, and beautiful soft skin that makes cuddles so enjoyable. However, bub's soft, smooth skin is also very delicate and sensitive, and it is therefore very important to make sure that you are caring for it correctly, particularly in the early months. When born, your baby's skin is up to 10 times thinner than our skin and has not yet developed the acid mantle that provides protection. This can make their skin more sensitive to the cleansing products that we are used to, making them more susceptible to dryness and other irritations.

So how do you care for your baby's skin to make sure that it stays smooth and soft without becoming irritated? It is recommended that you bathe baby up to 3 times per week - over-bathing can lead to the skin becoming dry and irritated as it strips the precious oils from your baby's skin.

To assist in ensuring that baby's skin stays hydrated and nourished during bath time, Botáni's Olive Skin Serum comes in handy! Just add 2-3 drops to your baby's bath to assist with moisturizing the skin and also calming any irritations and redness. Olive Skin Serum is formulated from the natural antioxidant Olive Squalene, which has the same molecular structure as the Squalene found in human skin.

A vital part of the human sebum, Squalene's number one purpose is to protect the skin from environmental stresses and minimise water loss so the skin can remain moist and supple. But even more amazing is Squalene's role in the development of babies' skin in the womb. Squalene is one of the main components of the protective membrane developed by fetuses during the final trimester, known as the vernix caseosa. This coat acts as a barrier against bacteria and maceration in the womb, and also plays an important role in lubricating the skin to assist passage through the birth canal. So there you have it!

It's easy to keep your baby's bath time simple and provide their precious skin with the gentle care and hydration it needs daily with Botáni's Olive Skin Serum. P.S. - isn't the bub in the photo above just gorgeous?! Meet Theodoros our own little Botáni Baby who is the nephew of our founder Barbara. Toula (Theo's mother) bathed Theo using solely Olive Skin Serum during the first few months after birth and his skin was left so very soft and cuddly (perfect for all his visits to the Botáni office!) Jenna @ Botáni x