Olive Squalene Is So Good For Your Skin

Why Olive Squalene Is So Good For Your Skin

Olive Squalene

Following on from our previous article about getting to know our olive skin serum, today we are talking why olive squalene is so good for your skin.

Why Olive Squalene?

So now that you know the essential benefits the Olive Skin Serum can have to your skin, it's time to delve into how the Serum achieves these benefits. Put simply, what is Olive Squalene and why is it so good for your skin? I was never a high achiever in chemistry and biology class, so I'm going to keep this explanation super simple! The first thing we need to know is that our skin naturally contains Squalene - everyone is born with it - every skin type, every ethnicity, every age. Squalene comprises 12% of our sebum! Olive Squalene is (surprise surprise) extracted from olives! It's an emollient, built in moisturiser and skin antioxidant and is a crucial part of our skin's hydration system! It assists to keep skin lubricated, moist and supple, while also protecting it from free radical damage. Our own skin's Squalene production begins to diminish from the age of 25, which can lead to dehydration and ultimately fine lines, wrinkles and premature ageing.

Where Does Olive Skin Serum Come In?

In every 15ml bottle of Olive Skin Serum that you purchase you can expect to find 99.98% plant active Olive Squalene. Olive Squalene is extracted from the fresh olive pomace, which includes the skin, pulp and pit of the olive.

What Does That Mean For Your Skin?

The molecular structure of Olive Squalene bears a remarkable resemblance to that of the Squalene found in our sebum, allowing the skin to instantly recognise the Olive Skin Serum upon application. It means that the Olive Skin Serum can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin where true hydration and cell rejuvenation occurs. By doing this, it can not only assist to repair the previous damage but also protect your skin from harsh environmental factors and potential future harm.

Why Choose Olive Skin Serum?

Replenishing your Squalene levels daily is essential to maintain the health of your skin, in fact, Squalene is as vital to your skin as water is to life. The best way that you can ensure that you adequately restore your Squalene levels is to use the Olive Skin Serum twice daily after cleansing. Well, I hope that has helped to explain why Olive Squalene indeed is a universal ingredient that each skin type needs daily. You can find out more about how to fit the Olive Skin Serum into your skincare routine here. Jenna @ Botani x