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      Natural Lip Balm

      Unlike the rest of the body, lips don’t produce natural oils to moisturise themselves. The lack of oil-producing glands in the lips means they become dehydrated and chapped more easily.

      Lip balms are a great preventative measure, as hydrated lips are better protected and heal faster when damaged. Healing lip balm can also seal up cracks or chapped lips, preventing infection and further irritation in the future.

      Protect Yourself From The Elements

      Lip balms provide a layer of protection against the weather and other harmful environmental irritants. Inherently thin and sensitive, lips are prone to cracking, chapping, and drying out if they aren’t taken care of.

      While lip balms are most popular during the winter months when chapping is most common, protection is actually needed all year round. Dry weather, whether hot or cold, is always harsh on the lips. And the sun’s UV rays can always be harmful, regardless of the season.

      Your lips will benefit all year round from the continued use of a high-quality organic lip balm. Australia’s weather can be harsh, exposing lips to high UV levels in the summer and cold, dry weather in the winter. A product that soothes dryness while protecting against harmful UV rays and environmental irritants will do wonders for your lips, keeping them hydrated, soft and supple, regardless of the weather.

      Why Organic?

      When it comes to choosing health and beauty products, purity and quality are the most important factors. This rule of thumb is especially true for the delicate, thin skin of the lips, which can easily be damaged by chemicals.

      Plant-based products like olive oil balm are safer, as they are free from synthetic ingredients, pesticides, petroleum products, and any other unnatural additives. Conventional lip balms often contain all of these ingredients, making them harmful for both your skin and the environment.

      Organic products are also easier to make sense of than their chemical counterparts. Natural, vegan, or organic lip balms are made up of fewer ingredients, making it much easier for you to understand what the product will do for your delicate skin.

      Despite containing fewer ingredients, organic lip balms can effectively soften, strengthen and moisturise lips naturally – without any of the potentially dangerous chemicals or synthetic materials found in mass-market products.

      Our Healing Lip Balm is the best natural lip balm for dry lips. This rich, gentle vegan olive oil balm repairs, softens and protects the skin. This effect is achieved entirely without the use of petroleum jelly, paraffin, or any of the other synthetic chemicals often found in mainstream products. Our soothing balm is suitable for all skin types, at any time.

      The 100% botanical formula hydrates and repairs damaged lips with natural ingredients. Its proven formula uses a unique blend of squalane, olive wax, olive butter, calendula, evening primrose oil, calendula, avocado oil, and vanillin. These all-natural ingredients come together to create the highest quality vegan lip balm Australia can provide.

      Everyone deserves a product that can ensure soft, supple and hydrated lips, while also taking care to preserve our environment.


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