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ANTI-AGEING TIP #3 - Choose a quality, natural moisturiser for your skin. I have always been told that daily moisturisation is important. However, this was never qualified with anything, for instance "to keep your face from turning purple" or "to stop you growing a second nose". Unlike many other things I am told in my life I never felt the need to question it, I just went "OK" and continued to put on my moisturiser every morning and night. The reason why we need to moisturise is actually pretty straight forward. Due to environmental stressors; such as the weather, pollution and stress; our skin becomes dry and dehydrated. By moisturising our skin daily, we are able to restore hydration to the cells to ensure that our skin remains healthy. Furthermore, maintaining hydration reduces the effects of ageing, inhibiting the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Ever curious, and oh-so determined to prevent ageing skin, I started to wonder what makes a good moisturiser to achieve hydrated skin? Botani founder and naturopath, Barbara, was able to explain to me that an effective moisturiser needs 4 key components: Water - to replenish the skin's moisture levels Humectants - to draw moisture from the air into the skin Emollients - to soften the skin An occlusive - to lock moisture into the skin Barbara explained that the best moisturisers for anti-ageing use all of these elements together to hydrate the skin. Balancing each element is crucial, and she warned against having too much water in a moisturiser: "If too much water is included in a formulation it results in the product being easily evaporated from the skin." After learning all of this I am glad to know that my regular moisturiser, Botani's Olive Repair Cream, fits all of the criteria of being an effective moisturiser. It contains humectants such as glycerin, emollients such as jojoba oil and the key occlusive Olive Squalene. Not to mention it's water content. I have always wondered why other moisturisers have given the first impression of hydrating my skin, only to find in a few hours that my skin looks dull and dry again. This has never occurred with the Olive Repair Cream because it is formulated using only 60% water, unlike many other products that I've used that have contained up to 80% or more! This means that I am using a smaller amount on my skin and am therefore getting way more bang for my buck. Among many other things, I also love that the Olive Repair Cream is formulated to assist with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin types - just like mine! Due to its amazing moisturising qualities it is also a super anti-ageing product that works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - and all this whilst being a completely natural moisturiser. Got a question about choosing an effective moisturiser? Feel free to ask below. Jenna @ Botani x 

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