No Make-Up Challenge

Why Everyone Should Embrace The No Make-Up Challenge

Embrace The No Make-Up Challenge

There's no doubt about it, trends come and go. Most of the time, we opt out of trending beauty regimes because we believe in going back to the basics. We support using the highest quality natural ingredients rather than subscribing to mass-produced, consumerism-style beauty fads. There is, however, one trend we can get behind. That's none other than the #NoMakeUpChallenge.

It seems everyone from celebs to ladies who want to embrace their natural beauty are jumping on this and we're absolutely delighted to see it gain traction.

Not only does this movement show a resurgence of natural beauty, but it also shows women are working to improve their confidence sans make-up. In the age of heavily contoured cheekbones, tattooed eyebrows and perfectly winged eyeliner, this is a breath of fresh air.

We think all women should aim to have at least one make-up-free day a week. Not only for the empowering benefits but also too for your skin health. While make-up is generally harmless (if you are using organic, vegan products that is!), you are still adding unnecessary foreign substances to your face. Which, in our opinion, is never a good thing.

What Happens To Your Skin When You Go Without Makeup

Your pores will look smaller.

While the application of foundation, concealer and powder can make your skin look fresh and healthy, using it does the opposite. Makeup particles actually get stuck in your pores creating a build-up of grime. Your pores will naturally widen to try and 'self-clean' the skin. By going make-up-free you are giving those hard-working pores a rest and as such, they will naturally relax and appear smaller.

Your skin will feel supple

When you use make-up frequently, your skin cells don't regenerate as easily as they are 'masked' with product. This stops skin cells from naturally shedding and renewing. Skin renewal is crucial for smoother, younger-looking skin. This is why we recommend exfoliating twice a week but going make-up-free is even better.

You'll have less breakouts

The truth is, the more makeup you use, the more chemicals/toxins you are adding to your skin. As we mentioned, this clogs up your pores. The build-up of makeup, grime, oil and pollution can all contribute to acne and breakouts. By minimising exposure to unnatural substances, your skin will be able to breathe and it will appear clearer as a result.

 How To Gain Confidence Going Makeup-Free

There's no doubt about it, going makeup-free all comes down to being comfortable in your own skin: both figuratively and literally. Generally, one feeds into the other. So, today we're going to give you some top skincare tips to give your skin a natural radiance. When your skin glows, so do you.

Exfoliate Regularly

We mentioned this above but we're going to mention it again because it's just that important. Exfoliating twice a week will assist in skin cell renewal, remove excess oil, and increase blood flow and circulation. All of these things working in tandem will give you a healthy, smooth complexion.

Botani's Exfoliating 2 In 1 scrub & Mask being used in a luxury bathroom.

Hydrate then hydrate some more

Dry skin often looks dull and lifeless. Combat that tired look by hydrating your skin. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day to flush out toxins and reveal your inner glow. We also suggest adding a super serum to your beauty routine. Our Olive Skin Serum mirrors naturally occurring sebum (the hormone responsible for hydration!) which will keep your gorgeous skin well-hydrated, naturally.

Olive Skin Serum Dripping from the Dropper, featuring fresh Olives.

Add a weekly mask

Our Radiant Rose Mask is a relaxing, pampering salon treatment in a jar! It is made of nourishing botanicals when combined provide smooth, supple, hydrated, balanced skin. Using this gorgeous mask a few times a week has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, repair broken capillaries and strengthen your skin from within. Perfect for rocking the make-up-free look!

A Hand cupping a tub of Radiant Rose Mask underneath rose petals.

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