Every Household Needs this Antifungal Cream in their First Aid Kit

Why Every Household Needs this Antifungal Cream in their First Aid Kit

Every Household Needs this Antifungal Cream in their First Aid Kit

Fungal skin rashes, ringworm, cuts, bites, abrasions, boils and tinea are common skin conditions that's you'll want to treat quickly. In those times you'll want a topical cream that will provide relief and aid in fighting infection.

If you want a fantastic all-rounder that you can use for the whole family, including pregnant women, for minor fungal skin problems then you will love the usability of the Botani Antifungal cream.

Botani Antifungal cream

Fungal Infections

Stop the Fungal Infection Spread

Fungal infections are usually passed on to others through contact or shared areas such as showers, gyms, swimming pool and similar communal areas. You should avoid contact with an infected person or pet, their personal belongings such as clothing, hair brushes, bedding, pillows or other types of items where the fungal spores can linger.

How contagious a person or animal is will depend on the time frame and whether treatment has commenced.

Symptoms of Tinea Fungal Infections (dermatophyte-infection)

It will depend on the type of fungal infection you have as to what symptoms present. Fungus likes moist conditions and so it's important to dry well (especially between your toes) or shower after exercise to prevent fungus from forming.

Foot tinea / Fungal Foot Rash

Symptoms of foot tinea or athletes foot may see you with scaly, peeling or flaky skin. You may experience inflammation of the area accompanied by a burning feeling and/or it may be discoloured and itchy.


Named due to the circles this forms on your skin, it's not a worm but a fungus that can appear on any part of your body including your scalp. It may also present in nails making them brittle, yellow and thick. Ringworm circles on the skin may spread, be different sizes and grow in size over time if untreated.

Some people find ringworm to be itchy and/or scaly and it will depend on the severity of the ringworm infection as to your own symptoms.

Jock Itch

Another in the fungal infections, jock itch presents around the crease in groin area as a red circle and may spread from there. Similar to other skin infections, the skin may become itchy, flaky or you may experience a burning sensation in the area.

Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is sometimes caused by a fungus. Bright red, inflamed, irritated skin that sometimes has blisters and is burning or sensitive are potential symptoms of fungal nappy rash.

Skin Rashes, Bites, Cuts & Abrasions

Children and adults alike will experience skin rashes, cuts and bites, etc throughout our lifetime. How our body reacts to these will depend on our health, immune system and any allergies.

In those times you'll want an anti-fungal cream that the whole family can use. Keep the anti-fungal in your first aid kit for camping, around the home or when out and about (store as directed).

Buy the Best Anti-Fungal Cream Australia

When you have a fungal infection you'll want to treat it quickly and kill the spores. Many fungal creams do not kill the fungus but only stop it from growing. Thereby, once you stop treatment, the fungal infection may return.

The Botani Anti-fungal Cream has a 99.4% + kill factor (% depends on the fungus) and acts super fast. It is also an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic making it the prefect anti-fungal cream for many skin conditions.

The Botani Anti-fungal cream doesn't contain steroids and it's vegan certified thus, cruelty-free. It will relieve itching and sooth your skin as well as fighting infection. Your whole family can benefit from the Botani antiseptic, anti-fungal multi-purpose cream - so it's a 'must have' for bites, cuts, abrasions, boils and fungal infections.