Botani Collaboration With Loree Bloom

Botani Collaboration With Loree Bloom

Over the last few months, we have been enjoying a collaboration with Loree Bloom. Melbourne beauty blogger and Instagram superstar Loi of Loree Bloom, her flat lays are amazing. Read More: Have you seen our Q&A with Loree Bloom? Loi has taken some gorgeous shots of our products and sharing info via her blog about Botani with her followers. We adore her most recent blog post about Natural Skincare where she shares her discoveries about making the shift to natural skincare. We thought you might like to read them too!

Collaboration With Loree Bloom

Here is an excerpt from her most recent blog on Natural Skincare "My curiosity for natural skincare started when I discovered that most of our face scrubs contained plastic microbeads and were causing havoc to our environment and marine life. This realisation made me sick to my core. Which got me thinking, we as consumers, don't always read labels and understand what each product contains before placing it on our skin. It seems unnecessary, and I admit, I'm well and truly guilty of this, but we need to pay more attention. A point that we all need to remember is that much of what we put on our skin will be absorbed into our bloodstream.

Now, that's food for thought. I found the switch to natural skincare to be both overwhelming and underwhelming at times. Vast as, in Priceline or Sephora, you'll see "natural" and "organic" slash across numerous products on every corner stand. There are so many products to try, so many labels to understand, who can understand ingredients anyway?

Underwhelming as most of these tend to have minimal packaging and the scent is never as "good" as the other stuff. I've been blinded by the pretty packaging and rose scented creams that anything less, doesn't interest me. It took me a while to accept that the amazing smell of roses in my night cream was made artificially and isn't all roses and rainbows after all. I grew to love the more herbal and earthy scents that natural products tend to draw." To read the full version of Loi's blog post head over to her blog Loree Bloom and check out Loi's gorgeous images on her Instagram.

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Priceline Sisterhood

Botani is a proud supporter of the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation. On now until Tuesday 11th October, 50c from every purchase of Botani products at Priceline will be donated to the Sisterhood. Head into the store and pick one up today and help raise $1 million for the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation!


You will have beautifully cleansed and hydrated skin with week's giveaway. Our newly reformulated Olive Soothing Cream Cleanser (100ml, $26.95) contains the innovative plant active Betaine which is derived from Sugar Beets. It provides deep hydration at an intracellular level by delivering water into skin cells. It protects and prevents cell damage, which helps the skin cells to function better. And our Boost Balancing Moisturiser (50ml, $26.95) which is a lightweight formulation that is rapidly absorbed into the skin, providing your skin with long-lasting hydration. Cleverly formulated with anti-bacterial properties, such Australian Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil and Echinacea. (prize value: $53.90)

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