A Name Of The Alphabetic Craze

What's In A Name Of The Alphabetic Craze

Understanding the alphabetic craze in skin care products can be very challenging. As a treatment focused skincare brand, we know how important it is to protect yourself from the harsh sun. That's why, despite the incredibly difficult nature of getting an all-natural sunscreen certified, we're working on our first all-natural broad spectrum SPF product. We assume though, whilst you're waiting, as is our staff member Michaela that you've been lured in by the BB cream trend. Right?! We don't blame you. With pretty much every beauty brand, from high end to supermarket labels, releasing creams with double letters, even we've been intrigued to try out a few.

Skin Care Products Alphabetic Craze Explained

But what do all the double letters stand for? What is a BB cream and what is it supposed to do? Is it good for your skin, is CC the way to go and what on earth is a DD product?! Have no facial fear, Botáni have the concealer trend covered (pardon the pun) for you!

Alphabetic Craze: BB Creams

It's quite difficult to track down the real nature of the BB cream's origins. Some say the term originated in Asia referring to a skincare product's ability to be a beauty item and decrease the production of blemishes, while others say the term stands comes from Europe representing everything from a blemish balm to blemish base. In essence, a 'BB' cream is generally a tinted moisturiser with additional benefits, meaning you can use fewer products in the morning and cut the minutes of your beauty regime in half. A cosmetic product, BB creams can be tinted to replace your foundation, contain moisturising actives to replace your moisturiser, can prime your face for makeup and can provide sun protection.

Alphabetic Craze: CC Creams

It seems that these creams have always been in the marketplace, but have been known by other names. While some are boasting as many as 12 functions and making extraordinary claims that they can repair cellular damage, this next generation BB cream essentially focuses on one's complexion, hence the C (otherwise known as a good-ole-fashioned concealer in Botáni's books!) Also known as colour correctors, tinted CC creams offer lighter coverage than a BB cream and are more concerned with the brightening and concealing of one's skin imperfections for a flawless finish as opposed to protecting skin from the environment aggressors as a good BB cream should.

Alphabetic Craze: DD Creams

This is where even Botáni gets a little confused. What could DD possibly stand for defusing, detoxing, deodorising? According to She Knows, DD creams are about to become the next big thing in the beauty industry targeting predominantly the body and feet. According to their recent post, reports are indicating DD creams to be a fairly heavy duty in texture, likely for extra hydration and are known as 'daily defence' creams.

What To Choose

While we're not quite convinced about what sets each cream apart, one thing we're certain about is that our facial cream with broad spectrum SPF and antioxidants is going to be a killer product! Stay tuned for regular updates on our new products that combine all natural ingredients with our beloved Olive Squalene. Olive squalene alone has a strong sun protection factor and antioxidant properties itself.