Squalene & Skin Health

What You Need To Know About Squalene & Skin Health

Squalene & Skin Health

The plant active ingredient olive squalene has been touted as the antioxidant of the future. It's why you've seen influencers swear by high-quality olive oil as a serum because it has *some* of the same ingredients seen in olive squalene. We're here to tell you to put the olive oil down and swap it for the Rolls Royce of serums, Olive Skin Serum. Here's what you need to know about it.

Naturally Occurring Ingredient

Naturally Occurring Ingredient

We are all born with Squalene, in fact, newborns have the highest content of squalene in their skin. It explains their squishy, perfect skin, right? The glands in your skin contain about 12% squalene which protects and keeps moisture in and bacteria out.

Did you know the molecule Squalene is a structurally unique natural triterpene compound that is one of the main components (about 13%) of skin surface lipids and it's a vital element in skin protection?

Unfortunately, from the age of 25, our skin's squalene levels start to drop which means more dryness, dehydration and ageing. Without squalene, your skin is progressively more susceptible to environmental stress factors. One way to keep your skin healthy? Replenish squalene!

Biocompatibility to the skin

Biocompatibility to the skin

Olive Squalene mimics our skin's natural moisturising process. Because it's biocompatible, it's like the chameleon of serums. It works to minimise fine lines, hydrate, protect and keep sensitive skin robust. It sounds very science-y but that's how nature works, with you not against you.

Applying Squalene daily will help maintain skin health without the greasiness so often experienced with serums. That's because it is, you guessed, biocompatible with our skin!

Many serums are heavy in Vitamin E without Olive Squalene. As you can see, Olive Squalene is mich more compatible with our skin.

What Squalene Does

What Squalene Does

Now that you understand the science behind this powerhouse ingredient, we're going to drill down and tell you exactly what it does.

What Squalene Does


We mentioned hydration but here's how squalene works differently. Instead of suffocating your cells, it absorbs quickly into your skin. Being a natural product, you aren't clogging your pores with nasty ingredients. In fact, 75% of testers said their skin felt softer immediately after applying olive squalene. Just a single application of Olive Squalene shows an immediate moisturising effect of +30% in 5 minutes?


As well as hydrating, olive squalene delivers oxygen deep into your skin which promotes rejuvenation. When tested, 100% (yes, 100%!) said they had lighter and brighter skin post-serum-ing!


Ok, we're getting into the science side of things but this is important so bear with us. The molecular structure of olive squalene is very different to other oils like coconut, sunflower, sweet almond and even plain olive oil. It's an 'active' oil which means it gets to work straight away. It cancels out free radicals which contribute to premature ageing.

We are thrilled to report that 88% of testers saw a decrease in the length of wrinkles while 100% (yup, another 100%!) said they noticed a decrease in wrinkle depth.

UV Protection

Exposure to ultraviolet light from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging. All of this damage occurs in our youth with most damage occurring before the age of 20. The good news is, the use of olive squalene minimises the effect of this damage. It protects the skin from lipid peroxidation due to the exposure to UV light.


If your skin is inflamed, you're likely experiencing a whole host of symptoms; dry, itchy, irritated, clogged and blemish-prone skin to name a few. To combat these symptoms, our olive squalene works to calm inflamed skin. We tested it on the most sensitive of skin types and 100% of them said it didn't cause any reactions. Win!


Get Your Squalene Fix

The good news is, we've got squalene. So much squalene. We have done the research and we *know* it will have an immediate impact on your skins health and appearance. We travelled the globe to bring you the highest quality squalene we could find.

A heap of squalene oils you'll see on the market are sourced from shark liver. We have extracted ours from the humble olive. So, you can rest assured our products are vegan, certified active organic and delivered to you in its natural form.

Olive Skin Serum

Our hero product is a hero for a reason, it suits all skin types and does all the things (read above). Using this just twice daily will inject your skin with a much-needed fix of Olive Squalene.

Infused with natural vitamin E and natural vitamin C, this serum is made from 99.7% natural Olive Squalene making it a highly concentrated, hard-working serum.

We're really proud of our ingredients and formulations and we're always excited to share the science and benefits behind our choices. If you want to understand what each ingredient does, you can get all the information you need here.