Smooth Summer Skin

Enjoy Smooth Summer Skin: Find Out If Your Body Moisturiser Is Measuring Up

Smooth Summer Skin

SUMMER SKIN TIP #2 - Find a moisturiser that benefits your skin There's one thing I dread in summer, and that's moisturisation. I'm always lured in by delicious scents and packaging that suggests the ultimate indulgence and pampering experience. Needless to say I have a bathroom drawer full of body moisturisers at home that really just don't do it for me! Why my aversion to body moisturisation I hear you ask? I can't stand the feel of it! I enjoy probably about the first 5 minutes of feeling silky and luscious and that's about it. From there on the fun really starts, my clothes begin sticking to me, all hope of opening doors is lost (butter fingers) and worst of all the clamminess begins, my skin seems to develop a condensation layer, much like it has been wrapped in Cling Wrap. All of this in the name of beauty? Ok I admit it's not just for beauty, moisturising your skin does have many other benefits. For starters, moisturisation is critical in maintaining your skin's natural pH balance, which is often disrupted by the presence of free radicals in our environment. Not only this, it also assists to protect your skin from these free radicals to prevent any future damage, such as signs of ageing and skin irritations. To top it all off, moisturisation hydrates dull, dry skin leaving it smooth, soft and silky. But how to enjoy all of these benefits without any of the annoying side effects I listed earlier? Botani has the perfect answer in its two all natural, skin friendly body moisturisers, PhytoBody Lotion and Nourishing Body Oil. These moisturisers are developed to work with your skin to lock moisture in, providing a 24 hour hydration boost that won't wear off! What's more, because they are completely petrochemical free they won't leave a sticky, greasy sheen behind. Best of all these products are perfect for getting your skin summer ready. Their light formulations won't clog your pores, and instead work to reduce body blemishes. Look no further for the perfect after wax treatments to calm and relieve red, irritated skin as well as preventing pesky ingrown hairs. These two moisturisers contain high grade plant actives that work to soothe the skin which by the way, also makes them perfect for caring for skin that's seen a little too much sun (ouch!). After giving these moisturisers a go, I must admit, I'm coming round to the whole idea! Want to know more about why these moisturisers are different? Ask your questions below! Jenna @ Botani x 

Body Moisturiser Is Measuring Up

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