Unusual Skincare Ingredients

4 Unusual Skincare Ingredients: Would You Put These On Your Skin?

What's on your beauty shelf and I wonder how many unusual skincare ingredients are in your skin care regime? At Botáni we're always asking people to be more mindful about what goes into their skin care products. Thinking about ingredients is about more than just finding the best serum, moisturiser or lipstick for your skin, but also about being a conscious consumer - making sure you've got honest products, with nothing funny going on under the lid. In honour of the funny things that happen in beauty products and skincare, we've compiled a list of some of the more unusual ingredients you might find on a skin care shelf, including what we think might be the best serum ingredient.

Unusual Skincare Ingredients

1. Snake Venom For Firm Skin

Snake venom is touted as an alternative to Botox and Hollywood celebs from Gwyneth to Fergie being claimed to have indulged. But before you head out to your nearest piece of bushland or forest to find some skincare helpers, read on! Based on the potential effects of a real snakebite and marketed as snake venom, this peptide is synthesised.

2. Capsicum Spray In Moisturisers

Well, not in spray form exactly. Oleoresin Capsicum is the active chemical from chillies that give capsicum sprays their zing! When included in moisturisers, lip glosses, and other skin care products, Oleoresin Capsicum is supposed to give your face that fresh "I just ate a scorching habanero" look; plumping lips and increasing blood flow to the skin. It can also be found in some sports heat creams.

3. Snail Slime In Skin Creams

On hearing this one, my first response was 'Eww! No thank you'. But if you've got the time to follow your garden residents around, you might be able to collect enough mucin to create your skin cream or mask. Full of proteins and glycolic acid, mucin is what helps snails slide over rocky terrains without permanent damage.

4. Olives In Skin Serums

The star skincare ingredient found in olives is Olive Squalene. Squalene is an activity that is most commonly sourced from either sharks' livers or the heart of the olive. We shouldn't need to tell you which of these two methods gets our tick of approval (hint: it's the vegan one). Squalene moisturises, acts as a natural emollient, and is the skin's essential lipid. Looking further than just the olive pit, olive oil also provides the skin with antioxidants, prevents water from evaporating, and assists in the skin cell repair process. I should throw in the Botáni disclaimer here; we think olives and olive squalene create the best serums, moisturisers, and more. A truly natural, organic method of producing the best serums and skin care products that work, that's why it's featured in so many of our products! Have you tried any unusual skincare ingredients, products or heard of any exciting skin remedies? Let us know.

olives for the best serums, cleansing bars and moisturisers

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