Vegan Skincare Is Trending Now

Top Reasons Why Vegan Skincare Is Trending Now

Vegan Skincare Is Trending

Vegan skincare as we all know has been around for years. Devout vegans would be horrified of using anything else, so if you have been a vegan for years this new trend of vegan skincare hitting the scenes is old boring news for you. For those of you who are not a vegan or even a vegetarian, you might be interested to hear that many of you are choosing to use a vegan skincare range and you are not alone. Today there are flocks of cool chicks and gorgeous guys in our society right across the globe who are choosing vegan skincare. Our olive range of products for dry, sensitive skin types seems to be our best selling vegan skincare product, but for this article let's take a look at why choosing vegan skincare is trending now.

Why Vegan Skincare Is Trending

It seems more of our society today are loving and respecting animals. As a vegan skincare business, this is one of our primary reasons we decided to develop our range. If this is your only reason for choosing vegan products well, that's fantastic, and we love your choices. But vegans have been around for centuries so surely this can't be the reason for the massive surge of popularity of choosing this type of skincare. The other reasons may include.

Health Reasons

As a naturopath with a strong focus and enormous passion for 'food as medicine,' I lean towards an alkaline diet and eating as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible. I'm not saying this cures anything, but many international health experts suggest inflammation, unhealthy gut and an acidic pH balance are all perfect environments for many health conditions such as arthritis, obesity, acne, eczema, psoriasis, autoimmune diseases and the common cold and flu to thrive. A vegan diet may be perfect for a healthy gut, alkalising and may also offer anti-inflammatory benefits for your body. These health-promoting properties may all feature in vegan skincare.

Celebrity Voices

Not sure if it's the sexy GP aka Gwyneth Paltrow storming the guns forward for vegan options but we are definitely grateful for the message she is so passionately putting out there. We love her style, and so do mobs of others. We believe she and many other celebrities so generously sharing their personal lives with us are causing flocks of sheep to follow. Sheep, what do you mean! People who follow someone or something just because many others are doing so, you know, they are everywhere. Love them to bits as a large following of people does cause others to sit up and listen. So it's all good. As with all communities, there may be some sheep amongst the vegan community, but not many. We could nearly guarantee that 80% or more of vegans know their stuff, especially when it comes to ethics and health.

Healthiest Ingredients

You may or may not know that we are holistic about our message of skincare. We are not for one second pushing vegan choices, but if you're here as a vegan we have stacks of tips and tricks to enhance your vegan skin, health and beauty, and there's so much more to come. If you are with us and you are not a vegan, we've got your back too. Through all our years of experience we feel, probably like to think we know, that by using vegan ingredients we are giving you the healthiest skincare options.

Ingredients With Purpose

We choose vegan ingredients because they may have an endless array of skin, health and beauty enhancing properties. A few of our favourite vegan ingredients which we genuinely believe do have an enormous purpose and feature throughout our range include: Olive Squalene Coconut Oil Olive Wax Xanthan Gum Glycerine Olive Butter Kakadu Plum Quandong Betaine Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid We will be digging deeper into vegan ingredients in articles to follow over the next few weeks, where we will be sharing a stack of information on all our vegan ingredients.

Environmental Enhancement

Vegan or not we all know, although some will stubbornly flatly refuse to admit, that choosing vegan anything, be it clothes, food or skin care is better for the environment. Enhancing our environment is another reason Barbara started to formulate vegan skincare products. Between us here at Botani we have a range of healthcare professionals. However, we are not environmental experts. For all the environmental reasons of how and why vegan choices enhance our world check out what our trusted friends over at GreenBiz and Grist have to say. They offer an encyclopaedia of information about the beneficial effects vegan decisions have on our environment.

Vegan Movement

If the word trending didn't catch your eye, maybe the word movement did. New trends are always evolving, especially in the wellness world, my goodness, there is always a new diet or superfood hitting the trending scenes. Maybe the word trending doesn't fit, suit or match the term vegan. Don't you think 'movement' has a greater depth of meaning? Either way being a vegan or merely choosing vegan skincare is a movement we are enormously proud to be contributing towards. Vegan or not, self-love matters. Really, what on earth, pardon the pun, could be more self-loving than mindfully and lovingly massaging natural, plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan skin, hair and body products into your body? We are fully aware that we may have stirred some emotions, we have purposely done this as we do want to hear your thoughts. Our blog is our little space of joy which you, as our reader, are such a massively important part of. We all here at Botani are enormously grateful to have you with us. We all invite you to be a much bigger part by please joining in on the conversation by popping your comments below.

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