Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Moisturiser

Top 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Moisturiser

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Simple and effective changes to make to your skin care routine today. Life is getting pretty expensive, I mean a decent cup of coffee will set you back nearly 5 dollars! In a world of rising prices, it can easy to begin thinking of areas where you can do a bit of penny-pinching. Now I know the skin care routine can often be at the top of the hit list, but what if I told you that you could continue to use the products that you love, but still save? Don't believe me? Check out my top 5 tips to make sure you get more bang for your buck when using your moisturiser:

1. Apply your moisturiser straight after washing

Ok, you probably already do this in your skin care routine, but the key is to make sure that your skin is still slightly damp when you put your moisturiser on. Why? It helps the moisturiser to penetrate into your skin easier allowing deeper hydration for longer lasting results

2. Less is more

Don't be overzealous with your moisturiser. Just like when cooking, it is tough to take off excess moisturiser, but it is effortless to put more on if needed. In fact by applying the less is more principle in your skin care routine you may be surprised by the amount of moisturiser you need.

3. Choose a multi-tasker

Save money (and storage space) and buy a moisturiser that has multiple uses, like Botáni's Olive Repair Cream. For only $44.95 you get a natural moisturiser that provides day time moisturisation, night time treatment, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of scars and stretch marks, assists in reducing pigmentation and age spots and that can also be used as a general hand and body cream as well! Why make your skin care routine complicated?

4. Invest in your cleanser

There is no point in investing in a quality moisturiser if you are using a cheap, basic cleanser. Cheap cleansers are less likely to contain nourishing actives and more likely to leave your skin feeling dry and tight, meaning that your moisturiser then has to work overtime to restore hydration (which means you're likely to use more!) Incorporate a quality cleanser into your skin care routine and you won't look back!

5. Don't just moisturise your face

If you're going to moisturise, you may as well do it properly! Many people make the mistake of only applying their moisturiser to their face. However, our neck and décolletage areas are among the first to show signs of ageing! Alter your skin care routine to include these areas, and you will undoubtedly reap the anti-ageing rewards in the long run.

So there you have it, simple ways to save without compromising on the quality of your skincare routine. Now I guess the only question is - do I need that daily $5 latte?

What tips do you have to get the most out of your moisturiser? Let me know if there are any that I missed!

Jenna @ Botáni x


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