Rescue Your Eyes With This Remedy

Tired Of Puffy Eyes: Rescue Your Eyes With This Remedy Today

ANTI-AGEING TIP #1 - Hydration is the key to maintaining youthful eyes. Unfortunately I have an eye area that is prone to dark circles and becoming puffy when I am tired - if I stay up half an hour later at night, I can bet that my eyes are going to let everybody know the next day. Not to mention what a night out with the girls does to them - late night, salty food and a few glasses of wine - this is a combination that often leaves me with bags so big it looks like my eyes are packing for an overseas holiday! I've always been told that the eyes are the mirror to the soul and are therefore our most important asset. Funnily enough (Or not...I'm not laughing Mother Nature!) they are also a feature that reflects our age. Cue my biggest fear - my eyes are going to give the game away and make me age faster! Like all freak out moments, my instant reaction is to head straight to Google for a remedy: "how to get rid of eye bags?" I must admit, some of the search results were a bit farfetched for my liking - surgery, laser treatment, haemorrhoid cream (?!). Needless to say, it wasn't much help - luckily I could call on Botani founder and naturopath, Barbara, for some more nurturing advice on how to reduce my puffy eyes! "It's simple" she explained, "you only need to remember one thing: hydration!" She went on to explain that the area around our eyes does not contain any oil glands. This means that we must assist this skin as best we can with both internal and external hydration, such as drinking plenty of water, as well as moisturising the area. As the eye area is very delicate a gentle, natural approach is recommended, and Botani provides the perfect solution with their Rescue Eye Treatment. A luxurious, botanical based gel eye cream formulated specifically to treat puffy eyes and dark under eye circles. Providing anti-inflammatory, firming and moisturising properties the formula is gentle enough for all skin types. The final words from Barbara: "Prevention is better than cure, start to care for your eyes now and you will reap the rewards in the future." Having trouble with puffy eyes or dark under eye circles? Leave a comment below! Jenna @ Botani x 

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