Sustainable Christmas

The Ultimate Guide For A Sustainable Christmas

Ultimate Guide For A Sustainable Christmas

There's something so magical about this time of year. The cheer. The fun. The parties. And most of all, the collective sigh of relief as another year comes to a close. Then there's the other side. The manic rush to shop, wrap, cook and look your best for the barrage of social engagements. The spend. The waste. The impact on the environment. Sigh. Never fear though, we've put together the ultimate guide for a sustainable Christmas to help you with gifting, wrapping, and of course, beautifying yourself.

Christmas Waste Statistics

  • Collectively, Australians are now spending over $11 billion per year on Christmas gifts.
  • We receive over 20 million unwanted gifts during the silly season.
  • The financial strain is impacting 86% of Australians with 66% saying buying gifts is a major stress point.
  • Over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill each year in Australia alone. That's enough to fill over 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools!
  • 90% of Australians usually bin over 25% of their leftover food at Christmas.

Wrapping for a Sustainable Christmas

Did you know Australians use 150,000 kilometres of wrapping paper every single year over Christmas? That's enough to wrap the whole world in paper almost four times over! With pressure mounting on our recycling system , it makes sense to look for sustainable alternatives.

You can reuse paper you've saved from previous years and decorate it with fresh flowers, lace and ribbon that you likely have around the house already or even, paint it yourself. Forgoing new paper is already a step in the right direction.

Sustainable Christmas

Opt for reusable packaging such as wooden boxes, muslin bags, newspaper, a beautiful tea towel or even fabric scraps. The thoughtful wrapping is guaranteed to delight your giftees.

Instead of paper-based Christmas Cards, consider designing your own e-card to cut down on waste.


Sustainable Christmas

Food for a Sustainable Christmas

One thing springs to mind when it comes to Christmas food. Excess. The truth is, we don't need three servings of Nan's mince pies to feel satisfied. We don't need to purchase food wrapped in plastic. We don't need to use disposable plates. Yet we do, every year.

This year, we challenge you to buy what you need and forgo the packaging. Shop at independent, sustainable food retailers if you can. Instead of throwing out uneaten leftovers, consider donating them to a food bank. There are too many Australian's going hungry every day to justify the excess.

Visit Second Bite to enquire about donating food this festive season.

Food for a Sustainable Christmas

Gifting for a Sustainable Christmas

If you're on the hunt for gifts that do good, choosing sustainable, eco-friendly brands is a must. Avoid the mass-produced consumerism and buy ethically instead. We've got you covered with ideas for the foodie, the coffee lover, the kids and for her.

Remember, spending loads of money does not equal love. Purchasing one high-quality, thoughtful gift trumps every time.

Here are a few of our favourites.

For The Foodie: Thriving on Plants Recipe Book By Cherie Tu // Flora & Fauna

The must-have cookbook for vegan, plant-based foodies who don't want to sacrifice on flavour.

Food for a Sustainable Christmas

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For The Coffee Lover: Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Pods // Pod Co

High-quality Melbourne Coffee without the waste!

The Coffee Lover

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For The Kids: Eco-Friendly Natural Playdough Set // Happy Hands Happy Heart

A beautiful gift to encourage sensory play without the nasty chemicals!

For The Kids

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For Her: Vegan Skincare // Botani

Naturopathically formulated, vegan, plant-based skincare€¦ what more could a girl want?! We have a gorgeous range of skincare packs to suit all skin types.

For Her

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Skincare Tips

It would be remiss of us to pen a blog without giving you a little inside knowledge on how to keep your skin glowing this silly season.

Our number one tip? Simplicity. Your skincare needs to be simple, quick and highly effective. Our top product recommendations?

Most of all? Up your water intake to combat inflammation and increase hydration.

Skincare Tips

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