The One Product Your Skin Needs Daily

The One Product Your Skin Needs Daily

Olive Skin Serum

GET TO KNOW OLIVE SKIN SERUM #1 - What is the Olive Skin Serum and why does your skin need it?

During April we're putting the spotlight on one of our all star Botáni favourites - Olive Skin Serum. The Olive Skin Serum is such a special and unique product that it is more affectionately known as our "hero" product and with good reason too - with its multitude of benefits for the skin its little wonder why we love it so much. I personally cannot get enough of it! For those that are new to using a serum daily, it can be a daunting concept to introduce a new step into your skincare regime. Add to that the hundreds of serums that you will find on the shelf at your local beauty store and I don't blame you for being hesitant! But that is where the Olive Skin Serum stands out from the crowd as a truly individual product that is essential for your skin. The Olive Skin Serum has been proven to increase your skin's hydration levels by up to 50% within 24 hours making it a must have for your skin in today's harsh environment. Add to that its antioxidant qualities that assist cell renewal and the Olive Skin Serum shapes up to be your skin's best friend. Ok, so if I haven't done enough to convince you that the Olive Skin Serum is a daily necessity for your skin yet, sharing its multi-faceted treatment credentials with you most certainly will! The liquid gold can be used to assist with:

All you have to do is press and release 2-3 drops of the Olive Skin Serum into your face and neck daily and your skin is not only being protected from the elements, but previous damage is being healed. Really skin care couldn't be more simple - and that's coming from a girl who is not only time poor but extremely lazy! I'm completely in love with the Olive Skin Serum (I'd drink it if I could!!) & have seen fantastic results for my skin! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Serum below. Jenna @ Botáni x 

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