Your Beauty Is Not 'On Hold'

Spread The Word: Your Beauty Is Not 'On Hold'

Your beauty is not on hold. Being a treatment focused skin care brand, and having seen the crippling effects skin conditions like acne can have on people's self-esteem and self-worth, Botani knows the importance of realising that beauty is more than just skin deep. If your face is covered in acne lesions or your arms are covered in redraw rashes, if you're to measure how beautiful you are solely on your exterior, chances are you'll find yourself the exact opposite.

Your Beauty Is On Your Inside

It's important, whatever condition your skin is in, to discover society's biggest miss-truth, that beauty is based on your exterior. Your looks.

At Botani, we know this is not the case acknowledging that real beauty is the sum of many more parts, appearance being just one of them. We've embraced the idea in our successful monthly search for the Face of Botani, encouraging our customers to consider what natural beauty means to them. We hope this blog entry will create further positive dialogue.

If beauty were based on your exterior, one thing's for sure; you could never be beautiful to everyone.

That is a scary thought for some, especially for those with eating disorders and body dysmorphia who believe that by reaching a certain weight or a certain look that they will be universally beautiful to all.

Western Culture And Your Beauty

In Western culture, perhaps it's easier to achieve 'beauty' this way with one being able to ascertain physical attributes reiterated in popular culture as being ideal. One can manipulate their looks, however drastic or destructive the physical measure, to be thinner or bigger boobed.

But at the same point in time, just a plane flight away, there is no shortage of cultures who'd find those looks unattractive, not beautiful, repulsive in fact. Women in Mauritania, Africa, are fed more food then male counterparts as being 'fat' is how they consider an exterior to be beautiful. Kayan tribes in Burma and Thailand wouldn't even be bothered to look beyond your neck if it weren't long and lengthened to see if your lower half was beautiful.

However, when beauty is based on the interior, who you are on the inside and what lies within, you can always be beautiful to everyone. No one, no culture, can deny the beauty of a friendly spirit, a caring soul and a kind heart.

Mis-Truth About Your Beauty

Sure, there are always going to be people who haven't discovered the miss-truth. Call it ignorance, call it lack of education, call it never having-had-to-worry-about-their-weight/height/skin-to-fit-in-before. Some people will always judge a book by its cover; the same people will probably be asking, "if that's the case, why do we need to buy your skin care products?"

That's a fair call. Why should you spend money on a cleanser, moisturiser or treatment product? Our products won't change your weight, your facial structure, your eye colour, but what they will do is make what Mother Nature's given you the best version it can be. To allow you to put your best face forward. And that's part of inner beauty, having enough self-worth and self-respect to take care of yourself.

In the process, while using Botani to reach your skin's best potential, we hope to help you realise that until those blemishes go away or until that skin pigmentation fades, there's no need to feel as though being beautiful is 'on hold'. There's beauty within you, right now.