Small Batches Are Important To Botani

Why Small Batches Are Important To Botani


Small batches are important to Botani, so important we want to write an article about why this is so important to us. When comparing skincare brands, you may think "what's the difference between brand A and brand B?". Well other than the obvious price, packaging, their ingredients, where they sell etc., one of the significant differences in the manufacturing, and it can be tricky for consumers to get transparency on this, as it happens behind the scenes and many companies don't share these details. But we will. Although it's more costly, at Botani, we only manufacture small product batches (rather than large volume/ mass production), as we know that ultimately it will result in a better product for our customers.

Why Small Batches Are Important

Small batches enable us better control of the quality of the finished product and ensure freshness. It is particularly crucial for Botani products as we only use plant-based formulas. You won't find any harsh synthetic preservatives, only naturally derived preservatives. Similar to fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables not lasting as long as processed non-perishable foods including biscuits and canned foods, authentic natural skincare usually has a shorter shelf life than synthetic based products. And just like the saying "fresh is best" with the food you eat, we believe the same applies to skincare.

As part of the process of manufacturing small batches, we individually test each batch to confirm the freshness and make sure the natural preservatives are working to ensure the product will remain free of bacteria and safe for use. Individual batch testing is a costly process, but it's worth in the long run. It's interesting to note there is no industry standard or requirements for this and not all brands batch test. Also, small batches mean products are not sitting in our warehouse for months at a time before it reaches the customers. Because we only manufacture small quantities, this guarantees our customers get only the freshest products. I hope you have found this insight into how we make our products helpful. Wishing you all a wonderful week.


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