Skincare Trends For 2018

Skincare Trends For 2018: What All The Hype Will Be About

Skincare Trends

It's inching up to that time of the year when "next year" has become "a couple of weeks away". It's usually accompanied by chaos, credit card debt, sunny holidays, and then that dreaded January 'work-is-around-the-corner-feeling'. With a new year comes millions of new years resolutions all around the world. Businesses busy planning for the year ahead. Bigger. Better. Bolder. Smarter. Faster. So what's in store for skincare in 2018? What global natural skincare trends will we see? We asked our Founder & Naturopath Barbara Filokostas for her thoughts on the topic.

General Focus Of Skin Care Trends

The grass is greener on the natural side. 2018 is quite exciting regarding skincare and beauty. Natural and organic is no longer 'niche' in fact it may have even taken over conventional skincare. I'll keep an eye out for some statistics to back this up. In many ways, the skincare industry is following the 'organic' and 'slow' food movement where the focus is on quality over quantity. As consumers also become more and more aware of the dangers of chemicals, GMOs, toxins etc. and with the internet always there to lend a helping hand when you become curious of your 26 lettered ingredients on the back of your moisturiser, the demand for natural products free from harmful chemicals will continue to spike.

Colour Cosmetics That Incorporate Skin Care

The line between makeup and cosmetics will start to blur more, with brands offering colour cosmetics with added skin benefits such as hydration, anti-aging and anti-acne.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Brands That Support A Cause

As consumers become more aware of what's happening in the cosmetics industry, there will be more people seeking out brands that 'do good'.

Focus On Healthy Skin Before 'Looking Younger'

This one makes me particularly excited. The last decade, or two, there has been a major spike in cosmetic surgery procedures, and heavy, 'celebrity-look' makeup. We need to LET OUR SKIN BREATHE and celebrate our natural beauty, freckles, wrinkles, flaws and all. For the skincare industry, the focus is on BRINGING HEALTHY NATURAL SKIN back with ingredients that re-build our natural protective barrier such as gentle, non-abrasive/harsh ingredients, biocompatible ingredients, ingredients that replicate our skin's healing, soothing and hydrating functions.

Anti-Pollution Products

With the rise of urban living is the surge of pollutants that contribute to the degeneration of our skin health. Brands will promote the benefits of protective and therapeutic ingredients to counter the impacts of environmental pollutants.

Skin Brightening

Not a newbie, but a trend that will undoubtedly continue comfortably into 2018 are products that promise to brighten and even-out skin tone. One of the most wanted skin goals is to have brighter, radiant, even-toned skin so serums, creams and treatment products offering these benefits will continue to be highly sought after.

Skin Care Trends: Ingredient

Edible Oils

Food-grade plant oils more commonly recognised in the kitchen will be big players in 2018. The focus is on organic, cold-pressed, first-grade oils. Not the 'leftover scraps' that are highly processed. Think coconut and olive oils and pantry items such as apple cider vinegar.

Natural Colour Pigments

More so in colour cosmetics, we have seen lots of 'mica' pigments in the past, but we will start to see natural FOOD colours come into play. Think turmeric, beetroot powder, cacao.

Superfoods: Beauty Foods

Adding wholesome ingredients for their multi-faceted vitamin and mineral content will continue to be a focus in 2018. Along the likes of berries, kale, turmeric.

Australian Botanical Natives

Australia is home to a vast botanical landscape. With many indigenous plants used traditionally for their medicinal healing properties. In skincare, these ingredients are generally 'active'. They are healing, soothing, hydrating and anti-inflammatory. Think Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Mountain Pepper Berry.

Probiotics In Skincare

I'm pretty confident to say that if you haven't watched, or read a piece of content about gut health, then you may have had your head literally under a rock for the entire duration of 2017. With this has come an important reminder to keep our good bacteria flourishing, i.e. with probiotics and prebiotics. It has already started making its way into cosmetic bottles, with claims that this helps keep our skin cells healthy and protect from/balance the bad bacteria living in our skin. As you can see, there's always lots going on in the industry and 2018 will be no exception. What are you most looking forward to trying?

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