Health Of Your Liver Shows In Your Skin

How The Health Of Your Liver Shows In Your Skin

Health Of Your Liver Shows In Your Skin

Have you ever wondered what your skin is trying to tell you about the health of your liver? It may not seem like an obvious connection, but the health of our skin is often a reflection of the health of our liver. Skin health problems are a sign of poor liver function or future liver problems. If your liver is overloaded and not able to do its job of breaking down toxins efficiently, they must be eliminated from your body by other means, in many cases, they come out through your skin.

What May Impact The Health Of Your Liver

    • Using chemical household products.
    • Synthetic skincare and beauty products, we highly recommend Boatni.
    • Air pollution and environmental toxin exposure.
    • Eating produce that has been chemically sprayed.
    • Eating many packaged foods that contain refined oils and high amounts of sugar.
    • Too much alcohol and caffeine.
    • Drugs and prescription medication.
    • Low-quality animal products.
  • High-stress levels and hormonal imbalances.

What Excess Toxins May Cause

When there is an excess of toxins built up in the deeper layers of the skin, this causes inflammation to occur, and this can manifest as:

    • Dermatitis.
    • Eczema.
    • Premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.
    • Brown liver spots which make you look older.
    • Red itchy rashes anywhere in your body.
    • Deep painful rashes which may lead to ulcers.
    • Hives.
    • Psoriasis.
  • Acne.
Acne rosacea may cause small red pimples which affect the cheeks, the chin and area around the nose and small yellow heads may occur on the top of the pimples.

Holistic Approach To Improve The Health Of Your Liver

There are thousands of different types of skin problems, and an accurate diagnosis often requires a consultation with a skin specialist. Sometimes it is challenging to pinpoint why someone has chronic skin problems and, for this reason, these problems can be challenging to treat. Traditional treatments for skin problems use creams and drugs to suppress the skin irritation, but in the long term, these strong medications have side effects, such as steroid creams which can cause the skin to thin and wrinkle due to a loss in collagen. At Botani, we prefer to take a holistic approach and look at the big picture of what may be causing the skin conditions and see how we may be able to provide you with additional support with lifestyle and nutritional suggestions.

The vast majority of skin problems can be helped with a natural approach:

    • A good liver tonic is vital to support the liver's ability to detoxify. Speak to a naturopath or health care professional for their recommendation.
    • Your liver needs a high level of antioxidants found in vegetables, particularly leafy greens. Antioxidants help protect your liver cells from damage while they are detoxifying your bloodstream. The antioxidants in vegetables also help to protect your skin cells from free radicals, and therefore premature aging.
  • Ideally, you would consume one or two large vegetable salads each day. Some of the vegetables you consume should be raw.
  • Raw juices or green smoothies are another way to top up your green intake.

Green smoothie, detox smoothie

Detoxing Green Smoothie

2-3 stalks of celery 1 small cucumber 2 kale leaves Handful fresh parsley (also good with mint &/or basil) 1 the flesh of one small lemon or lime (peel removed) 1 apple or pear

If you prefer it a little sweeter add 4-6 piece of frozen mango Why not make a weeks supply and freeze it in individual freezer containers (approx. 200ml each) and detox as required. Just make sure you leave enough space in your containers for the liquid to expand.

  • Good fats in particular Omega 3 supplements, either fish oil or vegan DHA can be healthful in treating skin problems, such as dehydrated skin, dermatitis or psoriasis. Fish oil does thin the blood so please check with your doctor if you are taking blood thinning medication.
  • Finding the right nutritional supplements can reduce inflammation in the skin and support the detoxification pathways in the liver. Be sure to check with your health professional before taking any supplements.

Keep in mind other factors which may cause skin rashes and inflammation are food intolerance, particularly gluten intolerance. Again, you should consult your GP or naturopath for further information regarding food intolerance testing.

Next time on the blog we'll be looking deeper into the connection between liver and skin health and some common skin care ingredients you should avoid. Your liver and skin will thank you for it. Author: Rigel.

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