Skin Care Regime

5 Ways To Simplify Your Skin Care Regime

Simplify Your Skin Care Regime

With so many products on the market promising bright, clear, glowing skin, it can be almost impossible to know how to simplify your skin care regime. After a while, it seems as though the purest skin care solution is to layer on every product in sight! While 12 step routines are in vogue of late, it can be of benefit to your skin to strip things back and focus on clean, natural, simple skin care solutions. Not sure where to start or what you can afford to give the axe from your routine? Here are 5 easy ways to simplify your skincare regime.

1. Start With The Essentials

Rather than looking at detoxing your bathroom cupboard/beauty bag as a process of elimination, start by rebuilding your routine with nothing but the essentials- a great cleanser to keep your skin free from bacteria and a moisturiser to replenish and restore hydration morning and night. From here, we can start building up your routine as necessary a great serum to target your specific skin concerns (we'll visit this point later in the list), an exfoliant to reach for when you need to remove any dry and dead skin cells, a skin-salving mask and a toner if you feel that way inclined. Now you've got all bases covered without any unnecessary steps!

2. Simplify Your Ingredients List

Rather than merely stripping back the number of products in your regime, why not simplify the ingredients you're using too? If you're sick of looking at ingredients lists and seeing chemical after chemical, it's probably time to simplify your routine. Look for natural, organic, toxin-free products, like the Botani range to ensure the care your skin is getting is "simply" the best.

3. Determine What Your Skin Needs

Cleansing and moisturising are important, but we believe there's another daily step that belongs in there too - "treating" your skin. Determine what your specific skin concerns are. Rather than stocking up on dozens of serums, oils and treatment products that you'll use once a fortnight then forget about, invest in only what your skin needs. From brightening to anti-ageing, hydrating to treating acne, there's a natural skin care solution for you. Purchase only what your skin needs or look for products that combat some skin concerns to keep your skin care regime as simple, yet useful, as possible.

4. Look For Quality Multitaskers

Rather than doubling up on random products, look for quality multi-taskers to help simplify your skincare regime. Multitaskers have come a long way since supermarket brand Shampoo-Conditioners, so don't be dismayed! Our Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask cuts down the need for separate exfoliants and masks, saving you time, money and precious beauty bag space! Simplifying your skincare regime is excellent for the health of your skin as you aren't overwhelming it with constantly changing products or overly complicated ingredient lists, and this is an excellent example of how keeping it simple can benefit your hip pocket as well.

5. Cut Back On Wastage

This step ties everything together. By investing in just the products you need, you won't be wasting money, products or packaging. If you pick up or sample a product and aren't convinced that it will be able to fit into your routine seamlessly, chances are it will go to waste. In future, ask yourself this question when you're thinking of purchasing a new beauty product- "How often will I use this?" If it's any less than once a week without fail, then you don't need it. The more products we have on hand and the more impulse purchases, the more difficult it will become to maintain this new, simple approach to skincare. Cutting back on wastage will do as much for the environment as it does for your skin. When you do find a product that you know belongs in your routine, take a look at the packaging. Botani products are packaged in recyclable, reusable pure amber glass bottles to ensure they're as good for the planet as they are for you.

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