Botáni's Ideas For The Best Christmas Gifts For Simple Guys

Simplicity Is Key: Botáni's Ideas For The Best Christmas Gifts For Simple Guys

CHRISTMAS GIFT #5 - The person with simple taste Wow we've finally made it to December! Now the Christmas frenzy will really start to sink in and I am thanking myself for starting to think about gifts earlier this year! Speaking of which, I only have two to go, and this week I'll be ticking one off by choosing a present for my brother. He is a really simple kind of guy who doesn't like too much fuss, so that begs the questions what are the best Christmas gifts for simple guys? Well this week I'm focusing more than ever on the practicality of the gift, which has made it really simple, because you can't go past the Botáni Sensational Skin Hydration Pack! 3 skincare saviors, the Olive Cleansing Bar, Olive Skin Serum and Olive Hand Cream, all packaged up in a reusable toiletries bag make the Sensational Skin Hydration Pack the perfect practical Christmas gift for my brother. Working in the mines in Western Australia, the harsh climate and tough work really takes a toll on my brother's skin, that's why this ultimate hydration pack will be so beneficial to him. Firstly, the Olive Cleansing Bar will be great for him to use after a long day on site. Not only will it wash away all the dust and grime from a day out in the mines, but it will nourish his skin as well, to ensure that the harsh elements of Western Australia don't dry it out. After long days in the sun his skin will be craving the Olive Skin Serum to bring some much needed hydration. The Olive Skin Serum will also assist to repair any damage that may have occurred to the skin whilst he has been out in the sun, think pigmentation, dehydration & rashes. Plus, by applying the Olive Skin Serum in the morning the Olive Squalene will also provide a booster under his sunscreen to help prevent any sunburn. Finally, tough work usually leads to tough hands, so the Olive Hand Cream will most definitely be put to good use. This ultra-nourishing formula contains a blend of Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Rose Geranium & Roman Chamomile Oils, as well as Olive Leaf Extract, that all work together to soften even the roughest of hands. What's even better is that the products all come in a reusable toiletries bag that I know will come in handy for my brother when he is flying in and out from site. For $55 the Sensational Skin Hydration Pack is a steal and most certainly solves the problem of what Christmas gift to buy simple guys. Do you need to buy a gift for someone with simple tastes this year? Let us know below. Jenna @ Botáni x 

Christmas gifts for simple guys

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