Silly Season Skincare

Silly Season Skincare Survival Guide

Silly Season Skincare Survival Guide

It's the silly season, and you may require a few tips from our skincare survival guide to keep your skin glowing. And 'til I had kids, that term never really resonated with me. Oh, it's silly alright. And it seems to be getting sillier each year along with the feeling that there are fewer hours in each day that goes by. Of course, I know the hours aren't diminishing, it's just that we burden ourselves with to-do lists as long as Santa's list of naughty kids.

With the festive, silly season comes mere exhaustion, late nights, partying, drinking, terrible traffic, shopping centre carpark chaos and sugar-induced tantrums. Do you need skin problems to add to that list? Skin sins committed during the silly season commonly result in Frightful Festive Face.

What Is Frightful Festive Face? Well, let's start with the fashion. Bright little Santa earrings dangling nicely over an oversized Chrissy t-shirt bought from the dollar rack in Kmart in 1999. Or if you're watching snow fall in your corner of the globe right now - a warm Rudolf the red nose reindeer knitted jumper is more like it.

Skincare Survival Guide For Your Face

Red Skin

  • A little too 'boozy-licious'.
  • Too much fun in the sun.
  • Feasting on too many of Aunt Martha's mince pies.
  • Acne, pimples, blemishes, blackheads, congestion.
  • Stumbling home at 4 am and not washing your makeup off.
  • Stressing about what to buy your family.
  • Fighting over shopping centre car parks.

Dry & Sensitive Skin

  • Getting distracted by makeup testers at Myer and painting swatches all over your arms.
  • Using the same moisturiser, that's been in your cupboard for who-knows-how-long.
  • Drinking too much jolly-water.

How To Avoid Frightful Festive Face

1. Be Sensible With Your Alcohol

Before you skip this, I'm not trying to be the Grinch here and tell you to bin the booze. Have a drink, or a few and be merry. Just be sensible. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and can rob your skin of essential vitamins too.

2. Drink More Water

To balance out any dehydration that might be occurring as you raise your glass - in between each alcoholic drink have a glass of water! You may be skipping to the loo all night but better that than Sahara desert morning-after skin.

3. Wash Your Makeup Off At Night

Properly removing your make up is incredibly important. Repeat after me: "I will never resort to my child's makeup wipes to remove my makeup. I will spend a whole minute circulating Cleanser around my face and rinse it off properly". Your future skin thanks you.

4. Add Extra Hydration

With further chaos, it's common for skin dehydration to occur. Ensure you're using an excellent Moisturiser that seals that moisture in. It may be a good time to consider a targeted hydration Serum if you're not already using one. If that's already part of your routine - consider extending the Serum to other parts of your skincare routine to give it a boost. Think to add a drop of serum to your moisturiser and your bath water.

5. Slow Down

Whenever I'm feeling like the day is getting the best of me, I consciously decide to STOP. Rest. Reset. Because if you succumb to exhaustion, then you can't benefit anybody. (This is usually my excuse for booking in a salon treatment too - works a treat). I like to use this time for a quick skin pamper (and mega hydration boost) with Radiant Rose Mask.

6. Give Back

I know this might seem like it's not related to skin. But hear me out. Christmas is a great time to take a moment to be grateful. It's also a time for reflection and giving back. It's such a wonderful feeling donating your items, time, or money. And that inner happiness surely does reflect on the outside.

Eat, drink, be merry. Be sensible about your food and alcohol. Take your makeup off. And pile those layers of hydration like the decadent layers of flaky Greek Baklava.

Be happy, mindful, and generous. A Merry Christmas / happy holidays to you!

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