Acne Aggravator Silicone

Acne Aggravator Silicone: The Sly, Smooth Operator

Acne Aggravator Silicone

Silicone is not known for their natural attributes. When someone mentions silicone I can't help myself because I immediately conjure up images of Pamela Anderson in a red bathing suit running slow-mo on the beach; her silicone sets bouncing away. Funnily enough reading this to my husband he had a laugh and then mentioned when he thinks of silicone he thinks of Selleys All Clear. The rubber-like substance fills household gaps and cracks.

Silicone Explained

So, how did I get thinking about silicones if I haven't been watching episodes of Baywatch? The other day, I was complaining to my boss (a.k.a. Naturopath- and our wonderful founder, Barbara) that my forehead was experiencing some little blockages that resulted in a cycle of blackheads and pimples - unwelcome forehead acne. Then, upon scouring my makeup bag, we realized the 'natural' makeup primer contained an ingredient called Dimethicone. Barbara cleverly advised me to stop using this immediately - and upon further research, I have no doubt this ingredient is one of the major causes of acne, particularly adult acne, and has disrupted my otherwise healthy, clear skin. Silicones are generally labelled as one of the following:
  • Dimethicone.
  • Dimethicone Copolyol.
  • Cyclomethicone.
  • Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS).
Silicones are technically derived from a natural source, silica but undergo extensive chemical processing; and we know from the food industry, for example with corn by-products like High Fructose Corn Syrup, that level of processing should sound some alarm bells. Silicones are added for their skin protectant properties, giving products a smooth texture. They slyly pop up in shampoos, conditioners, primers, moisturizers, foundations and hair oils.

Why Are Silicones Bad For You? indicates "silicone emollients are occlusive, they coat the skin and do not allow the skin to breathe, much like plastic wrap, irritating and may be tumour promoters and non-biodegradable, causing negative environmental impact". Worldwide cosmetics regulators have listed it as a 'safe' ingredient, but natural health practitioners around the world have warned that 'wrapping' your skin in a plastic-like coating of chemically produced silicone is disrupting the body's normal detoxifying processes, leading to short and long-term troubles. Healthy skin is a living, breathing organ. By choosing to coat your skin in silicone the following may happen:
    • Disrupts its normal functions such as sweating, oil secretion, temperature regulation and shedding of dead skin cells.
    • Trap harmful Bacteria, oil, and dirt under your skin.
    • Irritating for some sensitive skin.
  • Is terrible for the environment as it's non-biodegradable.

Silicones In Cosmetics

Using cosmetics which contain silicones the following may happen:

Excess Dryness

If normal sebum production is disrupted this in turn, disrupts the skin's natural acid mantle, the moisturization protective layer of the skin.


One of the major causes of acne is when bacteria is trapped under the skin and breeds, resulting in adult acne, or forehead acne like me.


The result of blocking normal oil production/skin shedding processes.

Premature Ageing

Long-term the skin's natural acid mantle is being disrupted over and over, causing dryness, dehydration and fine lines.

Dry Hair

The same applies to hair as it does skin; hair loses its natural lustre with chemicals disrupting its natural functions.

Opportunity Cost

Couldn't help the business jargon, sorry, all the time spent applying silicones you could have been lustre natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin while respecting its natural functions.

Silicon Free Alternatives

My recommendation for a silicone free primer: Botani Olive Skin Serum, which contains 99.7% Olive Squalene. It acts as a nourishing, non-greasy barrier that can be used as a stand-alone serum/ moisturizer/primer. Your makeup will glide beautifully over Olive Skin Serum and will last all day long. See more of the benefits of this product here. For the hair and body: Coconut Glow Hair & Body Oil is a non-greasy silicone-free oil that provides moisturisation and lustre to the hair and body with skin-loving natural plant-based ingredients.

Healthy Skin

You do not need silicones for healthy skin. They provide a temporary feeling of smoothness and have both short term and long term detrimental effects. Embrace your natural beauty, and promote clear skin with non-comedogenic products that naturally nourish, protect and respect healthy skin. Oh and I'm happy to report that my forehead acne is finally healing now that I'm taking charge of my healthy skin, inside and out. And I'll certainly be keeping a more vigilant eye on sly, smooth operators on the social scene and in my cosmetics! Will you be auditing your skincare, haircare, and makeup for silicones now? Do you think silicones could be contributing to your acne outbursts or other skin condition?

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