Face Mapping

Secrets Of Face Mapping

Secrets Of Face Mapping

There are a few secrets of face mapping which we would love to share with you. Our skin holds many of the secrets to our overall health; face mapping may help you understand how to unlock them. It should come as no surprise that if you're feeling internally sluggish, it will usually show from the outside. But how do you read these signs and symptoms? If it seems you're continually breaking out in the same spot or dealing with puffy eyes each morning then face mapping may be for you. It's a simple and natural method of treating yourself on the inside by recognising the potential meaning of your symptoms on the outside.

Origins Of Face Mapping

According to The International Dermal Institute, face mapping is a form of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to determine internal imbalances and stresses on the body by relating each area of the face to a section internally. Breakouts are typically associated with short-term imbalances which means they're easy to treat with the right information.

Face Mappy Zones

Face Mapping the zones


The forehead is linked to your digestive system, from the bladder to the intestines. To banish blemishes from this area make sure you're eating enough antioxidants. Antioxidants such as green tea, leafy green vegetables, plenty of fibre and keeping hydrated.

Between Your Eyes

Commonly referred to as the wine and dine area, breakouts between the eyes are likely because of a diet high in fat or excessive alcohol intake. Eating late is also a culprit. Treat your liver right by reducing alcohol and fats in your diet and things should clear up.

Under The Eyes

This section of your face is linked to your kidneys. Puffy eyes are a typical sign that you are dehydrated. Other symptoms could be dark under eye circles and blemishes in the area. Make sure to get your eight glasses a day and cut back on caffeine and salt (both dehydrating) to see if you can't improve your complexion.


The cheeks are generally associated with your lungs so practising deep breathing exercises in the morning is an excellent way to freshen their appearance. If you're only breaking out on one side of your face, there may be something else at play. The right cheek suggests you're indulging in too much sugar so try cutting back on the sweet treats. The left cheek might have something to do with too much dairy in your diet. Detoxing with alkaline foods such as broccoli, cucumber and ginger can work wonders for a less than luscious cheek area.


The mouth is another indicator of digestive health, in particular, your stomach and large intestine. Having dry or cracked lips can be a sign of stomach and gastric stress. Breakouts close to or on your lips suggest indigestion. Reducing the spicy or greasy foods in your diet is a good start. If you're digestive system still feels out of whack try bringing more natural fibre into your diet like kiwi fruits, prunes, apples and whole grain bread.

Chin And Around The Mouth

One of the most common breakout destinations for women - this one is all about your hormones and reproductive organs. You're most likely familiar with breakouts in this area close to your menstrual cycle. These are notoriously difficult to treat but can be improved with a good skincare regime, quality sleep and ample hydration near the beginning of your period.


If your blemishes are sneaking down onto your neck, then you're most likely dealing with a lot of stress. Mediation and relaxation are of utmost importance for you right now. The neck is linked to the immune system, so this could be a sign your body is fighting off an illness. Take these breakouts as the first sign you may be getting sick and practice a little extra TLC, so you don't find yourself bedridden in a few days time. Thanks to the lovely Julia Hammond from Mydeal.com.au for this guest post on the secrets of face mapping. The advice in this article is not a substitute for proper medical treatment. If your symptoms persist, we recommend consulting your GP.

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