Conquer Sensitive Skin With Olive Skin Serum

Conquer Sensitive Skin With Olive Skin Serum

It's been an exciting month taking a more in-depth look at why my skin experiences sensitivities, it opened my eyes to some things. What you and myself included, really want to know is how to conquer sensitive skin effectively. We feel you will be able to with Olive Skin Serum. Let's take a look at how Botani skin care products can help your sensitive skin. Skin sensitivities had pretty much become a given in my life. I've tried all the quick fixes and too-good-to-be-true solutions which, well let's face it, didn't provide the long-term relief my skin was seeking. I must admit these had made me a bit sceptical that there was anything out there that could help.

Four Steps To Conquer Sensitive Skin

If only I'd known to say goodbye to sensitive skin was as simple as four steps!

Keep It Simple

No longer is my bathroom drawer exploding with gazillions of items for my daily skin care regime.


I've made more 'me-time' in my day so that I can keep my stress levels to a minimum.

Read The Fine Print

Product labels have become my new best friend.

Decipher Your Digestion

I've been more conscious of how my diet is affecting my digestion and my skin.

Olive Squalene To Conquer Sensitive Skin

My key takeaway from the month is Cleanse, Treat & Hydrate skincare regime is all my skin needs to keep its sensitivities at bay. Thank goodness the Olive Squalene found in Botáni products has been able to assist me with this. Due to its biocompatibility with the skin, Olive Squalene is the ultimate hydration that absorbs quickly to provide my skin with protection against the elements. To soothe and calm my skin I cleanse twice daily with the Olive Soothing Cleanser. The cleanser lightly foams to provide a gentle cleanse that doesn't aggravate my skin. My saviour has been the Olive Skin Serum which has been essential in treating the irritations that I have been experiencing. It has been able to reinvigorate my skin, providing relief from the redness and inflammation that I had previously experienced. Finally, I have locked in moisture and hydrated my skin with Olive Repair Cream. This luxurious pot of gold has provided vital nourishment to my skin, leaving it looking and feeling soft and supple. It has been that easy, makes me wonder why I never thought of it before. I've said 'see you later' to my sensitive skin and you can too with Botáni's natural skincare range. Michaela @ Botáni x

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