The Power's In Your Shower

Rescue Dry Skin: The Power's In Your Shower

Our number one beauty tip to rescue dry skin is void hot showers and bathing for healthy skin. One of the most common misconceptions about the skin is that it's terrible for the skin to be oily. Wrong! One of the skin's greatest assets is the oil it produces which keeps the skin hydrated and free from drying out. It's not hard to understand why there is a misconception. We are bombarded with messages that greasy skin is a sign of poor hygiene and having a shiny dial is just plain dirty. However, Botáni's here to tell you it's time to flip that idea on its head.

Rescue Dry Skin With Olive Squalene

Without us having to lift a finger or pay a single cent, our skin protects us every day from environmental stress and premature ageing simply by remaining moist. Our skin produces an oil called sebum, containing all-important Squalene, which is released from glands to sit on the skin's surface and shield us from aggressors. Aside from stripping the skin of sebum through over-cleansing, one of the ways people cause their skin to dry out is by having overly hot showers or overly hot baths. Despite washing in water, which you'd think would hydrate the skin, a hot shower can be as detrimental to the skin as not bathing at all. Imagine sebum, the skin's own built-in moisturiser, to be as a precious pearl. As we all know, a pearl is protected by a shell and similarly, our sebum is protected too, only in the skin's case by a gland. Just as a clam shell claps itself shut to protect its pearl when danger is imminent, when an aggressor like hot water is coming towards our skin, our sebaceous glands similarly close to protect our sebum. If you suffer from dry skin, one of the simplest things you can do to cure the condition is to consider the temperature of the water you bathe in. Could your sebaceous glands be closing for protection and not be releasing precious sebum to the skin? It's no secret that in cooler climates or seasons, our skin becomes dryer than usual, perhaps this is due to the fact that we turn to hot baths and showers for salvation. Botáni's answer to rescuing dry skin, aside from using a product like our Olive Skin Serum, is to embrace Mr. Luke Warm shower with open arms!