Botani's Natural Nappy Rash Treatment

Relieve Your Baby From Pain And Irritation With Botani's Natural Nappy Rash Treatment

MOTHER AND BABY TIP #3 - De-clutter your nappy change bag

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that having children tends to multiply the "stuff" that you need to carry around every day. (Thanks Jane Austen for lending us the quote!)

From nappies and clothing, to bottles and dummies, toys, blankets and not to mention the pram! Mums are being increasingly laden with items that they need on hand in case of any number of emergencies that could happen on a trip out and about with bub. So in a busy lifestyle, with so many things to remember, isn't it great to know that there are some multi-tasking products out there to make mum's life simpler, and make the baby bag lighter!

Introducing Botáni's Olivene Balm, the one essential that every mum needs in their nappy change bag! This all natural alternative to petroleum jelly can be utilised by mum to assist in the treatment of nappy rash and cradle cap, is fantastic at reducing the inflammation and irritation of rashes, eczema and psoriasis, and is also handy for rehydrating dry skin. Plus mum can even use it on any dry spots she may have including elbows, heels and cuticles, as well as a handy lip balm.

Talk about multiple benefits! The Olivene Balm's all natural formulation has been tested for safety providing mother's with peace of mind when caring for their baby's skin. The Olivene Balm is a rich, luxurious product that harnesses the complete hydration benefits of the Olive through the inclusions of Olive Wax, Olive Butter, Olive Oil and Olive Squalane. Complementing this is a host of premium organically certified plant oils that help to provide hydration and nourishment to dehydrated and irritated skin.

The Olivene Balm is unique in that it contains no petrochemicals, animal products, beeswax, palm oil, fragrance or nuts, all whilst still providing an anti-itch formulation. Olivene Balm can be trusted by mothers to soothe their baby's nappy rash and cradle cap, whilst also providing an effective barrier from further irritation caused by contact with clothing. And the best part is all of these benefits come in one compact 50g tub that can easily be thrown into the nappy change bag or mum's hand bag, ready for use whenever a baby skin care emergency occurs! Mums, it's time to stop lugging around a bag full of baby care products, lighten your load and care for your bub's skin naturally with Olivene Balm. Jenna @ Botáni x