A Quick Natural Makeup Routine

A Quick Natural Makeup Routine For Busy Lifestyles

Natural Makeup Routine

The right makeup can have a transformative effect on not only our appearance but also our mood. Makeup can give us the hit of confidence we need to take on the day, whatever life may throw at us. The reality is, however, so few of us can afford to spend serious time on our makeup in the morning. Having a quick and straightforward natural makeup routine in your back pocket that you know you can rely on will simplify your morning. Hit snooze tomorrow morning and make the most of the extra time this quick natural makeup routine will allow you.

Put In The Groundwork

The better your skin looks and feels, the less time you'll need to spend applying foundation and concealing blemishes. By using a rich, natural overnight moisturiser or restorative cream before bed (like our Olive Repair Cream), you'll wake up with clear, plump, glowing skin - skin that deserves to be shown off! Every night, take a few minutes before your head hits the pillow to put in some skin groundwork and shave a few minutes off your morning makeup routine.

Master Your Base

The perfect base can be achieved in mere minutes - if you opt for the right products. Foundations with more fluid, creamy consistencies take far less time to work into the skin than thick, full-coverage or powdery products. A sheer to buildable coverage, a natural, tinted moisturiser will save you precious morning minutes as it can be blended into the skin without any tools - in fact, a tinted moisturiser will melt into the skin better using the warmth of your fingertips! If you prefer fuller coverage, work a concealer into the skin only where necessary. Again, creamy formulas will save you plenty of blending time as they can be applied using just clean fingers.

Complexion Perfection

Bronzer, blush and highlighter may seem like unnecessary steps, but they can lift the appearance of the face and deliver you a stunning glow. Again, cream and liquid consistencies will save you more time than you can imagine. Use your fingers to blend a natural cream bronzer into the hollows of the cheeks, along with the temples and into the jawline to enhance your naturally beautiful bone structure. If you forget where to apply your bronzer, remember this time-saving tip - bronzer should be applied in a '3' shape on each side of your face. This will ensure you hit those three key areas. Applying cream or liquid highlighter onto the high planes of your face (the cheekbones, brow bone and cupid's bow) will add a lit-from-within glow to the skin, guaranteeing coos of "your skin looks so beautiful!" as soon as you arrive at your destination. Before you move onto the eyes, never, ever underestimate the power of a humble blush compact. By using your fingers to melt a cream blush into the apples of the cheeks, you'll appear healthier, and more-well rested in 30 seconds flat.

Bright Eyes

If you didn't quite get your 8 hours of sleep, or you're starting to notice puffiness, dark circles or fine lines, our Rescue Eye Treatment is a natural way to fix these without relying on makeup. One of our very favourite time-saving hacks is ensuring we have a few natural multitasking beauty products in our makeup arsenal. Repurpose your cream bronzer as an eyeshadow by blending it over the eyelid to create a one-step subtle smokey eye, then add a hint of highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes to widen and brighten the entire eye area- the perfect antidote to a busy, tiring day or a sleepless night. One of our other favourite time-saving multitaskers is brown mascara. Apply to the eyelashes to create the illusion of naturally thick, full lashes, then use the same wand to brush your eyebrows up and out to groom the brows and keep unruly hairs in place all day long. A natural formula will ensure the particularly sensitive eye area isn't irritated.

Pucker Up

Only have a few seconds before you need to run out the door? Whip out that cream or liquid blush out and repurpose it as a lip stain. One of the very best things about a rosy lip stain is that you can apply it on the go, stains don't need to be applied as precisely as opaque lipsticks and look better when they're a bit worn in. Got a few spare minutes up your sleeve? Spend a bit of extra time applying your favourite red lipstick. Even if you're having a minimal makeup day, a red lip can boost your confidence, tie your look together and make your face look "done" regardless of how much time you've spent on your makeup! Top it off with a coat of our Healing Lip Balm, and you're good to go! Do you have a quick natural makeup routine you swear by? Share it with us below.

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