Prepare Your Skin For Summer

Prepare Your Skin For Summer With This Month's Botani Blogs

SUMMER SKIN TIP #1 - Get rid of dry skin with body exfoliation I've got a confession to make€¦I've been lazy; since the last of the summer sunshine left, I've neglected my body and in particular my legs. Supported by the ability to constantly wear tights and pants through the cold weather, this lack of care for my legs has resulted in them becoming dry, scaly and even itchy! I'm guessing I'm not the only one either, I'm pretty sure you're now thinking about what state your legs are in. Before you get too anxious, I have the perfect thing to prepare your skin for summer and have your legs glowing in no time - exfoliation! It is believed that the ancient Egyptians were the brains behind exfoliation (thank you Cleopatra!) and boy were they on to something! Exfoliation is good for your skin because it removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, allowing the new layer of skin beneath to be revealed. Add to that increased blood circulation and cell turnover, and you are looking at one great combination to get rid of dry legs fast! There are also some other great benefits to exfoliation:
  1. It assists moiturisers to be more easily absorbed - i.e. say bye bye to dry, scaly legs sooner
  2. It assists to prepare your skin for waxing (yes, now summer's on its way you have to start that up again!)
  3. It prepares the skin for tanning (fake of course!) - because having tanned skin shouldn't be at the cost of your health (by the way, try to make sure it's a natural tanner)

Now all we need to know is how to go about exfoliating, and that's where Botani's Spirulina Salt Scrub comes in - an all natural body exfoliator. This is a unique body exfoliating scrub, unlike any you would have tried before. For starters, it's cream based, which means it's able to hydrate your skin as it exfoliates, as well as making it super easy to use. It is also formulated with Australian Lemon Myrtle that provides antibacterial properties to assist in unclogging pores and fight impurities, such as body blemishes and ingrown hairs. But the real star of the show is the Spirulina. This super food is not only beneficial when taken internally, but also when applied externally. High in both essential minerals and amino acids, Spirulina is highly nutritional for your skin! Add in its ability to detoxify and energise your skin and you are left with smooth, youthful skin that glows. So forget fretting about the state of your skin, and enjoy the simplicity of exfoliation in the lead up to summer! Still not sure about exfoliation? Feel free to share your questions below. Jenna @ Botani x 

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