Treat Tinea Naturally

How To Treat Tinea Naturally

Treat Tinea Naturally

SKIN CONDITION #1 - Tinea Every week we receive emails from our customers asking for help to treat common skin problems naturally, so in March I'll be putting the spotlight on four of the most common skin conditions - explaining how they occur and providing practical tips to both prevent and naturally treat them. This week we're starting off with one of the most popular skin conditions to arise during and after the summer months - Tinea, or more commonly known Athletes Foot. If you've caught Tinea over the summer, chances are you're embarrassed and frustrated and looking for a natural solution quick fast! No worries, Botáni has the answers to get you back on your feet again (pardon the pun)!

What is Tinea? Tinea is a fungal infection that causes scaling of the skin, resulting in the affected areas becoming itchy. It is highly contagious and affects approximately 15% of the population.

How does Tinea occur? Tinea is typically contracted in communal areas that are warm and moist (e.g. the showers at your local pool or gym). Once the virus is contracted it incubates in the warm, moist environment of your shoes and begins to cause skin flaking and itchiness.

How do I prevent Tinea? Most importantly, it is essential to protect your feet from public areas that may pass on the infection. This is as simple as wearing thongs in communal bathrooms & not sharing footwear or creating a barrier when required (e.g. taking your own socks when visiting a bowling alley). Increasing the amount of time that you spend barefoot is also beneficial, as providing air and sunlight to your feet will stave off the infection.

How do I treat Tinea naturally? There are a few simple steps to follow when treating Tinea:

  1. Ensure that you remove your shoes and allow your feet to breathe whenever possible
  2. Discard or ensure antibacterial treatment of any closed in footwear that you have worn whilst affected by Tinea (these can hold the infection)
  3. Follow Botáni's Happy Feet Program to help treat the infection.
The program features Botáni's all natural antifungal cream Phytoseptic. Phytoseptic is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and is proven to have a 99.99% kill factor on fungal infections, such as Tinea (including the secondary infections that often follow). It's triple action formula - anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory - will not only inhibit the fungi from growing, it will kill it for good, whilst also providing relief from redness, itching and burning! So head on over to the online store to purchase your Phytoseptic ready for a weekend indulgence with the Happy Feet Program - I assure you, your feet will be glowing again in no time! Jenna @ Botáni x