Party Essentials

Silly Season Party Essentials

The festive season is an excellent time of year for celebrations. Between family gatherings, end of year drinks, Christmas and New Years it can feel like one endless party. We have a few party essentials to help care for your skin, and so you don't look like you've been burning the candle at both ends.

Pre Party

Preparing your skin is critical before applying makeup. And because at Botani we love our products to be multipurpose, our Olive Skin Serum is also a brilliant primer. Start with clean skin and use a spritz of Soothing Facial Mist and then apply a few drops of Olive Skin Serum to your face.

The key ingredient in this serum is Olive Squalene which is a water-loving lipid. By using a spritz of Soothing Facial Mist, the serum will draw the extra moisture into the skin for extra hydration. This combination will keep your makeup looking fresh all party long.

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Post Party

Never go to bed with your make up because while you sleep your skin is actively repairing itself. Practising a super quick and straightforward skin care routine of cleansing, treat and hydrate every night. Yes even on late nights will give your skin a chance to rest and restore.


Our Olive Soothing Cleanser Eye and Makeup Remover will remove impurities and makeup without stripping it of moisture.


If you have any spots or congestion a small dot of Rescue Acne Cream is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of acne-causing bacteria within 30mins (how amazing is that!). It's also suitable to use over your T-zone overnight to help reduce blackheads and congestion.


Finish off with a good moisturiser like our Olive Repair Cream Day/ Night Moisturiser and Nourishing Active Eye Cream to help restore and hydrate your skin.

Once your heels are off, head to the bathroom for a little skin TLC and nurturing before getting some well-earned beauty sleep.

Party Essentials With A Headpiece

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The stunning headpiece that we have featured in our blog posts and Instagram over the last few weeks was created especially for Botani by Leanne Bonello of Cailin Alainn. Leanne has painstakingly assembled this botanical crown drawing on Botani as inspiration. Incorporating the botanical ingredients found in our skincare such as lavender and olive within the design of the crown, which is reminiscent of the Grecian crowns of ancient times. Similar to the love and care that is put into the creation of all of Botani's products, Leanne took many hours to build layers of detailed design over the wire framework slowly and finishing by hand beading the final touches to the headpiece. It's no wonder Leanne's designs are a favourite with brides and style queens who are looking for a thoughtfully designed artisan piece. You can see more of Leanne's designs at

Stay tuned in the new year for more on how you can be the proud owner of this amazing one of a kind creation!

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