Oxygenate Your Skin To Radiant Health

Oxygenate Your Skin To Radiant Health

Oxygenate Your Skin To Radiant Health

When it comes to caring for your skin, ask yourself, are you looking after the surface, or are you treating the way your skin functions? By choosing to oxygenate your skin, your skin cells and skin tissue that make up your skin will be improved. You will be able to enhance how your skin behaves. Rather than applying a quick fix, oxygenating skin care allows the skin to operate at its healthiest for the long haul physically. Oxygen is an essential building block for optimum skin function. Every cell in our body requires oxygen to function at its best, and the skin is no exception.

Why Is Important To Oxygenate Your Skin

Oxygenation means providing our cells with oxygen. Our body requires oxygen to function, and the same principle applies to our skin. By providing your skin with enough oxygen, you're stimulating cell turnover, boosting your circulation and even triggering your body's own self-healing functions. Conversely, if you deprive your skin cells of oxygen, your skin won't be able to turn itself over, leading to a dull complexion, pigmentation and age spots. Of course, oxygen is all around us, however as we age our ability to retain and utilize oxygen decreases. Delivering adequate oxygen to our skin cells can be achieved in various ways including skin care, exercise, and diet. We like to draw upon all three of these modes of oxygenation to ensure your skin functions at its very best.

Skin Tips For Oxygenation

To really beautify your skin through oxygenation and, in turn, cellular rejuvenation, choose products rich in ingredients that can deliver oxygen to the cells. These ingredients include. Olive squalene is a real natural wonder when it comes to healthy skin function, as it resembles the squalene that our skin naturally produces, which depletes over time (squalene being a natural lubricant that our skin secretes to hydrate and protect the skin). Olive squalene also plays a crucial role in delivering oxygen to the skin, as squalene, when combined with water, actually produces oxygen! This means olive squalene functions as an oxygen carrier and, when applied topically as part of a natural skin care routine, it distributes that oxygen to our skin's cells. Olive squalene is a signature ingredient across the Botani range and is at its most potent within our Olive Skin Serum. This serum contains 99.7% pure active olive squalene. Daily use allows for adequate oxygen to be delivered to the skin, stimulating cell turnover and triggering the body's skin-healing abilities.

Exercises For Oxygenation

Another beautiful and effective way to distribute oxygen throughout the body is through meditation and breathing exercises. When we focus on breathing deeply, we oxygenate the body and kick that all-important skin cell rejuvenation into overdrive. In fact, many who take up regular meditation notice positive changes in their skin including rapid healing of blemishes and scars. If you're just getting started with meditation and deep breathing, keep things simple. Try a guided meditation app to lull your body into a deep state of relaxation, focus on your body rather than the outside world. Think about each of the individual cells within the body. Breathe deeply, imagining your breath reaching each of those cells. Imagine what you want to achieve through meditation and finish with a positive affirmation such as "My skin reflects my inner peace." Acupressure is another excellent physical exercise you can do to improve facial rejuvenation. It might sound a bit scary but it really just involves using your fingers to stimulate pressure points. Acupressure stimulates the functions of your organs and body parts. If your focus is the skin then there are a few specific points you should apply pressure to:
    1. The "heavenly pillar" is located roughly one inch to either side of where the base of the skull meets the top of the spine.
    1. The "third eye" point can be found between your eyebrows where the bridge of the nose meets the center of the forehead.
  1. To heal blemishes, target the pressure point located a centimeter below the lower ridge of each eye socket.
Hold down each point for around three minutes to really work on the way your skin behaves. You can discover more about acupressure here.

Nutrition Tips For Oxygenation

What you put in your body is just as crucial for oxygenation as what you put on your skin. Botani founder Barbara Filokostas, ND, has worked with Ph.D. chemists and microbiologists perfecting Botani's green chemistry. Barbara's grandmother was a natural medicine healer, so Barbara truly understands the power of vitamins for your skin and body. For skin oxygenation, Barbara personally recommends Vitamins B12 and Folate. Vitamin B12 can be found in:
  • Eggs.
  • Milk.
  • Cheese.
  • Meat and Fish (vegans can get their B12 intake through wholegrain cereals).
Foods rich in Folate include:
  • Asparagus.
  • Broccoli.
  • Citrus fruits.
  • Beans.
  • Avocado.
  • Brussels sprouts.
A diet including plenty of dark leafy greens will assist in delivering oxygen to your cells.

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