Olive squalene vs olive squalane; what's the difference?

Olive squalene vs olive squalane; what's the difference?

Olive squalene vs olive squalane; what's the difference?

You may have heard of the benefits of squalene when it comes to skincare. There are a few things to know about this ingredient and the different versions of it.

What is squalene?

Our bodies produce squalene naturally; it's a 'sebum' found in human skin that helps elasticity and contributes to youthful looks. Like collagen, your skin has plenty of squalene when you're born but levels decline as you age.

Occurring naturally in humans, squalene has naturally moisturising properties. It has the ability to attract oxygen, deliver it to your skin's deepest layers and accelerate new cell growth.

Unfortunately, as your squalene reserves diminish, your skin can become dry. This is why it is sought after as an ingredient in skin care.

Squalene also occurs naturally in a few other sources. The first is sharks, with shark skin being used for many years to make skin supplements. At one stage, millions of sharks were being killed each year to make squalene-based products. Fortunately, the beauty industry has now caught up and you will find the practice happens far less (although you should always read the bottle to see if shark products are used).

The other sources of squalene that can be used more ethically are sugarcane and olives. For this article, we'll be focusing on olive squalene as we believe it is the best option. This is because squalane derived from sugarcane is synthetic and requires, among other things, the use of genetically modified microorganisms. Also, we are aware of the numerous heavy environmental and social costs that do accompany growing sugarcane in Brazil, which is the main source of sugarcane-derived squalene. Olive-derived squalane is much more sustainably sourced and produced.

Benefits of squalene in skin care

There are a few different sources and ways of using squalene. Before we explain those, here are some quick benefits of using this product in skincare:

  • Squalene helps hydrate your skin, helping it look healthier and fuller
  • Using squalene can boost your natural collagen production, which gives you a firmer and more youthful complexion
  • The antioxidants in squalene can help to fight skin damage and free radicals
  • Reducing free radicals can help fight the ageing process
  • Squalene mimics our bodies' natural moisturiser and quickly penetrates deep into the skin
  • When applied to the skin regularly, squalene protects from moisture loss and environmental toxins by acting as a barrier.

Squalene can also help to soothe skin conditions including:

  • inflammatory acne
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • dermatitis
  • Rosacea

For skin that is brighter and looks healthier, regularly using a quality squalene serum can make a big difference.

Squalene vs squalane

Squalene vs squalane

Did you spot the difference?

Squalene (with an 'e') is the polyunsaturated hydrocarbon that is produced by your body, specifically, your liver. Released by the sebaceous glands in your skin and scalp, it acts as a guard to protect and moisturise.

Olive Squalene is nature's most biocompatible plant active for achieving optimal skin health. Almost identical to the structure of Squalene found in human skin, it is immediately RECOGNISED by your skin, and absorbs quickly to provide long lasting hydration. Olive Squalene in its purest high grade extraction (99%+ activity which Botáni products contain), strikes the core of the anti-ageing process, and is known to provide other key benefits such as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, as well as significantly boosting skin hydration in under 30 minutes.

As an active ingredient, Olive Squalene tends has a shorter shelf life which is why it is combined with Vitamin C & E in the Olive Skin Serum for sustained usage, so we can avoid using parabens or artificial preservatives.

Olive Squalane is derived via a hydrogenation / refinement process of Olive Squalene, and during this process, it loses its active component, and becomes a carrier oil (much like Jojoba Oil). While some have falsely claimed Olive Squalane offers a bundle of skin benefits, its real purpose in skincare formulations is merely to act as a delivery system for other important active ingredients to do their job€¦ NOT as a main active like Olive Squalene, which is why we use both ingredients, but for very different purposes.

As a non-active ingredient, Olive Squalane does not oxidise and is why we use it in water based creams and lotions for formulation antioxidant purposes, not for skin benefits.

Ethical squalene products from Botani

Ethical squalene products from Botani

Botani strictly does not advocate the use or production of animal products or synthetic chemicals. Therefore, we only ever use olive-derived squalene (sourced from Greek organically grown olives) in our formulations.

While some commercially available squalene oils and supplements are still derived from shark liver, we turn to the humble olive. Olive squalene is made using sustainable production methods, which uses the whole olive and minimises waste.

Our sustainable, vegan, Certified active Organic Olive Squalene is bottled in eco-friendly, amber bottles in Melbourne. It is made from 100% phyto-active Organic Olive Squalene. This healing, hydrating serum is clinically proven to increase and seal moisture levels in your skin within 24 hours.

Olive Squalene is one of nature's most biocompatible plant-active ingredients for achieving optimal skin health. Almost identical to the structure of squalene found in human skin, it is immediately recognised by your skin. This means it is absorbed quickly to provide long-lasting hydration.

For a better product, you need higher concentration. Olive Squalene in its purest high-grade extraction so it strikes the core of the age-defying process. Use this serum to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and significantly boost skin hydration.

For a multipurpose moisturiser that's all-natural and created ethically, look no further Botani's Olive Skin Serum.