Olive Products And Their Incredible Benefits

Olive Products And Their Incredible Benefits

Olive Products

The olive tree, botanical name Olea europaea is a fantastic plant. It produces an array of inredible olive products that many of us use and love. Us at Botani especially loves olive squalene. People throughout the Mediterranean region have been growing and using the olive for thousands of years for both culinary and medicinal use. Olive oil plays a significant role in the Mediterranean diet is recognised as the most healthy and well-balanced diet. There are over 700 different olive varieties and similar to wine, the quality and characteristics of olive oil are affected by climate, soil, growing conditions, harvesting and processing.

Incredible Olive Products

Aside from olive oil and the olive fruit, there is also olive leaf extract, and our favourite, and what we use in all of our products olive squalene. The popularity of olive skincare has grown in recent years with lots of beautiful olive products in the market. However, there are significant differences in the oils derived from the olive. Botani only uses the cream of the olive squalene. Because when it comes to skin health, there is no comparison. We love all of the beautiful produce the olive tree creates for their natural health benefits. Here is a break down of the key features and advantages of each.

Different Olive Products

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