Skin Care For Oily Skin In Winter

Skin Care For Oily Skin In Winter

Oily Skin In Winter

Winter is notorious for causing dry, itchy and irritated skin. Skin care for oily skin in winter is to help balance the effects of cold air and artificial heating which sucks the moisture out of your skin, meaning there's no escape from dry conditions during the winter months. So where does that leave people with oily skin types? What is the best skin care for oily skin in winter? Despite the traditionally skin-drying environment, the winter months create, many people complain of excess oil at this time of year. What causes oily skin in winter, and what can be done to combat it?

Causes Of Oily Skin In Winter

Oily skin occurs when our body produces excess sebum, which is a natural oil that secretes from our pores. The right amount of this oil will keep the skin hydrated and protected, while too much of it leaves the skin feeling greasy, as well as potentially clogging the pores and leading to acne. Excess oil production can be triggered by multiple factors including hormones, stress and diet. However, dry air could be the cause of your oily skin in winter. How is this possible? While some skin types will dry out and become flaky and irritated when deprived of moisture, other skin types will try to overcompensate by producing even more oil in an attempt to moisturise itself.

Dehydrated Skin

Unlike "dryness," dehydration refers to how your skin locks in moisture- regardless of whether your skin is typically dry or oily. Where dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks water. This means even oily skin types can suffer from dehydration! The environment plays a major part in the dehydration of the skin, as does a lack of water consumption, dehydrating beverage such as alcohol and caffeine, as well as harsh skin care products that disrupt the natural function of the skin. When we feel our skin is producing too much oil, our first instinct is often to reach for harsh products that will dry up any oil in their wake. If your skin is suffering from dehydration, products like this will only worsen the oily-dehydrated skin cycle. Dehydrated skin can be combated by ensuring you're choosing the right, natural products for your skin type.

Effective Moisturiser For Oily Skin In Winter

If you suffer from the oily skin in winter, you can probably think of nothing worse than applying more oil to it. The right oils can help regulate sebum production in the oily skin, so often naturals oils will be your friend. Rather than hunting for strictly oil-free products, choose products that are biocompatible with the skin. Biocompatible products and ingredients work harmoniously with the skin rather than fighting against it, mimicking the skin's natural functions and working to balance it out. Biocompatible ingredients often come in the form of oils, which is why oils and oil-based moisturisers can be effective for regulating oily skin in winter. Our Boost Balancing Moisturiser, for example, contains jojoba oil which resembles our skin's natural wax, as well as Olive Squalene which mimics the natural squalene produced by our skin.

Cleansing And Exfoliating

Harsh, abrasive cleansers are often targeted at oily skin types, and they typically leave the skin with a "tight" feeling. This is because the skin has been completely stripped of oil and, while this may seem like a great result at the time, these products will kick your skin's oil production into overdrive. The same principle applies to exfoliation. Over-exfoliating the skin will strip it of its natural protective barrier, turning it into the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Rather than stripping the skin of its precious natural oils, work with your skin by choosing a cleanser that gently and naturally removes only the excess oil, without silicones or sulphate. The Botani Purifying Facial Cleanser has been formulated especially with oily skin types in mind, ridding the skin of acne and blemish-causing oils while retaining the skin's natural vital oil barrier.

Skin Care Routing For Oily Skin In Winter

Overproduction of oil in the winter requires a scientifically formulated, natural routine to be executed over time, rather than a quick fix. Try following these simple steps to balance and regulate your skin's oil production.


  1. Cleanse the skin with your Purify Facial Cleanser. Our skin naturally produces oil overnight, even in the winter, so a thorough cleanse will give you a fresh canvas for the day.
  2. Apply an alcohol-free toner, like our Soothing Facial Mist, to calm the sensitivities associated with dehydrated skin.
  3. Treat the skin with our Acai Berry Active Antioxidant Serum to fight back against dehydration caused by environmental factors.
  4. Finally, hydrate your skin with the Boost Balancing Moisturiser.


  1. Your skin needs a deep clean in the evening, especially if you're wearing makeup, so choose a thorough cleanser like our Purify Cleanser. This will clean the skin while restoring moisture that you may have lost during the day.
  2. Apply the Olive Skin Serum to replenish your skin's natural squalene levels, ensuring your skin's oil production isn't kicked into overdrive.
  3. Apply the Boost Balancing Moisturiser to restore the balance into your skin.
As an additional treatment two to three times weekly during the winter months, apply the Radiant Rose Mask. A spa treatment in a jar, this mask will work to strengthen the skin's natural barrier while restoring moisture to a dehydrated complexion.

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