Best From Your Eye Cream

Not Seeing The Best From Your Eye Cream: Learn How To Apply It The Correct Way

ANTI-AGEING TIP #4 - Apply eye creams correctly to see results How many times have you bought something and had no idea how to use it, thinking you'll just figure it out along the way? Ok we're all guilty, especially me! But what if the way that I am using things affects the results I see, particularly if I am unconsciously using them wrong? Well I believe this may be the case with my eye cream because, to be honest, before this week I really had no idea how to apply eye cream the correct way! Lucky for you I'm a big believer in sharing wisdom, so read on below to find out how to correctly apply your eye cream to get maximum anti-ageing results!
  1. Place a pea sized amount of eye cream onto each of your ring fingers
  2. Starting about half a centimetre below the inner corner of your eye lightly press and release the cream into your skin, moving your motions towards the outer corner of your eye (along the socket bone)
  3. Continue to go in a circle around your entire eye (through your eyebrow area, around to your inner corner)
  4. Continue this motion slowly and gently for a minute, or for as long as required to relax the eye area.
Bonus tips:
  • Never apply eye cream in an inwards direction (from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner). In doing this you are pushing excess fluid into the under eye area, rather than away from it.
  • Do not apply eye cream with any other finger than your ring finger. Your ring finger applies the least pressure, and as your eye area is very delicate it requires a gentle touch.
  • Take time to apply your eye cream - make it your pamper time where you invest in relaxing the muscles around your eye area.
There's really not much point going to all of this effort to reduce the effects of ageing in your eye area if you're not using a good quality, potent anti-ageing eye cream. Botani's Nourishing Active Eye Cream is your simple anti-ageing eye cream solution -an ultra hydrating cream formulated with a host of hard working botanicals that all work together to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A key ingredient is the Hibiscus Esculentus Extract which is sourced from the flowers of the well known Okra plant. It is an anti-ageing botanical peptide that has protective and nourishing properties, as well as the ability to calm muscles to avoid the development of expression lines. What's more, it naturally stimulates collagen production to stop premature ageing - you could think of it as nature's answer to Botox. Botani's Nourishing Active Eye Cream truly is a botanical innovation and a must have for anyone wanting to stall the ageing process. Now please excuse me, I'm off to brew a cup of green tea, put on some relaxing music and spend some quality time on my eyes! Not sure if you're applying your products correctly? Let me know your concerns below. Jenna @ Botani x P.S. - That's the last of my blog series about anti-ageing! Hope you have enjoyed it and have learnt some helpful tips. Stay tuned next week for the first blog of my summer preparation series!

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