Say Goodbye To Scaly Skin

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Scaly Skin

Still struggling with scaly skin? Here are our dry skin care tips to help you say goodbye to scaly skin. Over the past ten weeks, it's been Botáni's mission to help you combat a skin condition I struggled with (notice the past tense) for as long as I can remember. Dry skin. "Used to struggle with", you may be saying, "nice for some!" you may huff and puff. Trust me, if I can get rid of dry skin anyone can!

How To Avoid Scaly Skin

The scaly skin had always been second nature to me, much like a reptile. From cracked palms and painfully cracked heels to a flaky forehead, itchy eyebrows and chapped lips, whenever the weather got slightly cooler, I'd anxiously await the onset of dry skin. Thankfully this winter I've shed my dry skin, much like a snake, and now awake every day to skin that's silky soft instead of scratchy like sandpaper. How did I do it?
  • Avoid hot showers and baths which force our sebaceous glands to close.
  • Only use cream based cleansers and moisturisers darling.
  • Pay attention to your pH balance in more than just my fish tank.
  • Swap sitting next to the heater for rugging up in winter woollies.
  • Exfoliation has become my new favourite obsession!
  • Say a resounding no to rays from the sun.
  • Cleanse and hydrate at night, regardless of what time I get home.
  • Realised that you, and your skin, indeed you are what you eat.
  • Conquered my fear of water.
  • Understand hormones are responsible for more than falling in love!
Aside from welcoming smooth skin and the above changes this winter, I've also adopted a new skincare regime which I hope helps your dry skin as much as it's helped mine. Begin by cleansing the skin with a gentle product that won't strip the skin of its natural oils. PhytoBody Wash is perfect for an all-over body cleanse while Olive Soothing Cleanser is ideal for the delicate facial area. Once the skin is cleansed, remove dead skin cells and build up from the skin's surface with a non-abrasive exfoliator. I recommend Spirulina Salt Scrub to reveal your body's inner glow along with Exfoliating Facial Cream for your face and neck.

Avoiding Scaly Skin With Botani

After exfoliating and unearthing a fresh new layer of skin, the key to combating dryness is to provide skin with immediate nourishment. PhytoBody Lotion provides arms and legs with a 24-hour hydration boost, Nourishing Active Eye Cream restores moisture levels and elasticity to the eye area while Olive Repair Cream is an intensive day and night moisturiser your thirsty skin will lap up! The ultimate product for my dry skin, however? Without a doubt, it's Olive Skin Serum. Clinically proven to increase and seal moisture levels into the skin, Olive Skin Serum contains Botáni's signature skin intelligent plant active, Olive Squalene, which mimics the skin's built-in moisturiser. And boy, does it moisturise. The only thing more effortlessly hydrating would be a hot fireman spraying you with water! I hope those tips help just as much as they've helped me. And my dry skin for that matter. Well, I can't say "my" anymore as I no longer have it. If you follow my recommendations, you won't have it for much longer either. Author: Michaela @ Botáni x

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