French Green Clay The Best Natural Acne Treatment

Is French Green Clay The Best Natural Acne Treatment

French Green Clay


Ever read the ingredient listing on your favourite products and not been quite sure what the names mean? Or what benefits they will provide you? Well this month Botáni is opening up its ingredient cupboard and sharing all the details of our favourite actives with you! To start our series off we've selected an ingredient that has stood the test of time, in fact you're probably already familiar with clay and most likely have a number of products in your bathroom that contain this handy active. Clay has been being used as an application on the skin for as far back as history documents, with it most notably being used by the Ancient Egyptians; including Cleopatra herself who applied clay to her face to preserve her complexion. So why has clay celebrated such a long history of being used as a skin treatment? The unique mineral composition of clay gives it both absorbent and adsorbent properties which allow it to assist with detoxing the skin, eliminating excess oils and improving blood circulation to encourage the skin to heal. More specifically the absorption property allows the clay to act like a sponge and soak up excess oils, whilst the adsorption property attracts molecules and organisms, allowing the clay to draw germs (fungi, bacteria), dead skin cells and other non-beneficial substances from the skin. This makes it a great application for combination, oily and acne prone skin types to help eliminate excess oils and draw out impurities that can lead to blemishes - pretty cool! But the benefits don't end there! Once all of the toxins and bacteria have been removed, the clay then works to assist your skin to heal. By promoting increased blood circulation, clay encourages the body's natural healing process to kick into gear to rapidly regenerate new skin cells. Add to this its anti-inflammatory properties, and clay has some serious wound healing abilities - hello natural zit zapper! Want to see the natural healing benefits of clay for yourself? Then you need to get your hands on Botáni's Rescue Acne Cream! Containing Green French Clay the Rescue Acne Cream works to stimulate the skin's natural healing process to treat the problem at its source and reduce bacteria that can lead to further breakouts. Clinically proven to kill 99.99% of acne causing bacteria within 30 minutes, the Rescue Acne Cream is a must have for those who are facing the battle against blemishes!Need a little extra convincing? This top seller is fast becoming a cult product with testimonials and trial results that reflect the natural healing powers of clay. Have you ever been really confused by an ingredient? Let us know by posting below. Jenna @ Botáni x