Is All Vegan Skincare Natural

Is All Vegan Skincare Natural

Authentic Natural Beauty

At Botani we are all ridiculously passionate about authentic natural beauty. Our team meetings will often go on long tangents discussing the health benefits of vegan skincare and legendary herbs as we receive impromptu herbology and naturopathic lesson from our founder, Barbara. Or good news stories shared by Sandra (our Australian Business Development Manager) from customers, who have had beautiful results with our products after years of frustration. We could talk about the wonders of natural beauty all day, and we often do. So following on from last week's post, I'd love to bring you some more insights from a recent catch up I had with Barbara on the big juicy topic of natural beauty and shine a light on some areas you may not have thought of before.

Are All Products Labelled 'Vegan' Good For Your Skin?

Barbara: Not necessarily. Vegan means there are no derived animal ingredients used in the products and no testing on animals. However, keep in mind that even though the ingredients may be vegan, they may derive from synthetically derived ingredients presen@t in the formula which may be toxic or harmful.

Even the use of natural ingredients in vegan skincare doesn't guarantee the product is effective or biocompatible. For example, some cheaper natural ingredients are often highly processed and lose their effectiveness. Or perhaps they contain mineral oils that come from petroleum which is 'naturally derived' as its source is the earth. However, when placed on the skin, mineral oils coat the skin much like plastic wrap and will prohibit it from breathing or releasing natural toxins.

First of all, the skin is an essential eliminating organ (just like the kidneys and liver) and putting products on the skin that inhibit this process can create a build-up and congestion of impurities in the skin. Therefore, it can be misleading to think that all vegan skincare is 100% natural and plant-based.

Why Do You Think It's Important To Use Natural/Organic Products For Your Skin?

Barbara: It's not just about being natural or organic it has to be biocompatible. It means it must be compatible with living tissue and living systems (like our skin) and not be toxic or cause damage to the skin.

A product that is naturally derived, e.g. a pure plant-based skincare range that uses biocompatible products will have more benefits than a product made from synthetic ingredients which may not be biocompatible. Your skin is your largest organ, and it's essential that you feed it like you feed your body- with natural, nourishing, well-balanced ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ in the body.

Products we use on our skin are absorbed into our bloodstream, so natural ingredients are essential. Imagine all the synthetic chemicals the body absorbs after years of wearing synthetic perfumes and antiperspirants? Furthermore, over time these accumulate in our bodies and can detrimentally affect our health. To make the best-informed decisions for your skin health, we are passionate about empowering you with all the information you need. I hope you have found this post supportive in your skin health journey. Be sure to visit next week for more honest insights x

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Ask Barbara About Vegan Skincare

Above all, is there something you'd like to learn more about, or do you have a question about your skin? Let us be a resource to help you resolve your skin concern! Send Barbara a message via contact form.


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