What Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health

Iridology: What Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health


This week I'm looking at another holistic health practice iridology. Again, like last week's post about acupressure facials, I don't know much about iridology to be honest other than it's about eyes. But I was keen to learn more. And this is what I discovered.

What Is Iridology?

Iridology assesses the body according to the irides (the shaded area of the eye). The iris is one of the most complex structures of the human body. According to iridologists, there are specific areas of the irides that correspond to particular organs, tissues and body areas; and colours and textures reflect changes in these areas. Practitioners have mapped the arrangement of the iris as it relates to the rest of the body over the last 400 years.

How Does Iridology Work?

There are nerve pathways all over the body that are continually sending information to the thalamus and the hypothalamus in the brain. These parts of the brain observer and monitor all vital activities going on within the body.

Nerve fibres, blood vessels and muscles connect the thalamus and hypothalamus to the surface of the irides. Nerve impulses communicate to the thalamus and hypothalamus and create changes in the iris tissue presenting information from all parts of the body that have a nerve supply.

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How Does This Relate To Skin Health?

As the skin reflects what's going on in the inside, often when people are having problems with their skin health it's an issue that needs to be resolved with their internal health. Utilising this ancient technique of iridology can provide a natural and non-invasive way of assessing what's going on inside. Making the necessary lifestyle adjustments or implementing a suitable natural and complementary treatment plan to resolve the health issue and restore balance to the body. Author: Rigel.


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