Get Glowing With Spirulina

How To Get Glowing With Spirulina

Glowing With Spirulina

As part of your nourishing diet and daily skin care routine, we suggest adding the superfood spirulina. In this article, we explore how you can get glowing with spirulina, how it may enhance your health and also your skin. First of all, let's find out exactly why spirulina features so strongly in our holistic skincare rituals.

Spirulina For Skin Care

Spirulina offers detoxifying, purifying and exfoliating benefits. We have blended spirulina with sea salt, to help gently remove dry, scaly skin, unclog your pores and stimulate your blood circulation. Our Spirulina Salt Scrub is a luxuriously creamy formula with hydrating Olive Squalane which helps your skin feel silky and smooth. Furthermore, we have added Australian Lemon Myrtle to our Spirulina Salt Scrub to give you an antibacterial effect to help with acne, ingrown hairs and dry skin.

Superfood For Your Skin

Spirulina is a popular blue-green alga known as a superfood for cell growth and repair and healer for your skin. Spirulina's excellent omega-6 essential fatty acid content may help enormously with the structural integrity of your skin. While essential fatty acids play a beneficial role in promoting healthy skin, they are especially helpful if you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or any other inflammatory skin or inflammatory health condition or suffer from any skin sensitivities. Antioxidants are abundant in spirulina which is useful for fighting free radicals. Above all, free radicals may contribute to older looking skin, so by applying spirulina to your skin and enjoying it in your diet, you will be helping your skin and body produce new healthy cells faster which may leave your skin looking fresher, younger and glowing.

Health Benefits Of Spirulina

The health benefits of spirulina are never-ending. Spirulina is full of highly beneficial nutrients which may offer your skin and your body many health benefits. As a superfood supplement, spirulina is an excellent source of vitamin B12, a nutrient required by all of us for healthy red blood cells, especially if you are a vegan. Other nutrients found in spirulina include iron, protein, essential amino acids, chlorophyll, and phycocyanin. We are such a fan of our daily shot of spirulina. Although the taste can be off-putting for some, the health benefits are well worth it. If you dislike the taste, there are tablets available, or we find a blend of super greens mixed with probiotics from Amazonia delicious. Many suggest spirulina may help with the following health conditions.
    • Vitality
    • Detoxification
    • Cholesterol
    • Blood Sugar Levels
    • Weight Loss
    • Candida
  • Inflammation
  • Skin Issues

Healthy Gut

Due to spirulina's rich chlorophyll content, it may help cleanse your body of foreign substances such as bacteria, yeast, fungus and candida. Spirulina may also help promote the growth of your healthy gut flora. A healthy gut full of beneficial bacteria may help ease inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or acne. Health experts suggest that a healthy gut is at the root of optimal wellbeing and healthy clear skin. You will be glowing with spirulina on the inside and outside.

Supports Weight Loss

As a low-calorie, protein-rich superfood, spirulina helps with promoting weight loss because your body utilizes more energy to metabolise protein. Furthermore, the protein may help maintain lean tissue and contribute to fat burning. Spirulina also seems to help curb your appetite.

How To Enjoy Spirulina

Many experts consider spirulina as one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Although we recommend only a few teaspoons of spirulina a day, one cup of spirulina gives your body 64.4g of protein, which is considered 129% of your daily protein value percentage (DV%). First of all, check with your healthcare professional to find out if spirulina is suitable for your body's specific requirements and health condition.

Glowing With Spirulina Smoothie

1/2 cup spinach 1/2 carrot, chopped 1 handful fresh mint 1/2 avocado 2/3 cups of water or coconut water 1/2 cucumber, chopped 1/2 small apple, chopped 1 teaspoon spirulina Blend all ingredients together until smooth and enjoy. Try adding a teaspoon of spirulina powder into all your other juices or smoothies. Shake it up with water in an old glass jam jar and enjoy as a shot. Upstyle your buckwheat pancakes, raw bliss balls, acai breakfast bowls, and energy bars with a splash of spirulina. You will feel energized, revitalised, your gut will be happy and above all, your skin will be glowing.

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