Hormones Affect Your Love Life And Dry Skin

Hormones Affect Your Love Life And Dry Skin

Hormones play a major role in our lives, and also the life of our skin. Imbalanced hormone levels can lead to dry skin. Hormones are what contribute towards you falling in love. They also help a woman to become pregnant and they make men's voices change during puberty. Hormones play a major role in our lives, and also the life of our skin.

How Hormones Affect Your Skin

You could be mistaken for thinking that after graduating high school your hormones would play less of a starring role in your life. However, I'm here to tell you that yes, you can be as head-over-heels-in-love-until-it-makes-you-giddy as an adult. Yes, hormones can reappear and play as much havoc on the skin of an adult as they can on the skin of a teenager. I say both of those things in good authority. For one thing, this week the man of my dreams proposed and if I had a pencil case, I'd be doodling my soon-to-be surname all over it like a love-struck teen. Hormones have been traumatising my skin of late leaving it dryer than a towel in the sun. It's a common misconception that hormones only affect the skin of teenagers however they're more likely to have an impact on those with maturing skin. I'm certainly not rivalling my grandma in the age stakes (she's 93 years young) but I am getting older and I've noticed its impact on my skin.

What Estrogen Determines

Estrogen levels determine how much collagen is produced in the skin, and as we age, our estrogen levels decline. One of the reasons the anti-ageing skincare industry is becoming so large is because we are becoming an ageing population. While we may be living longer than any other generation of women before us, we're still going through menopause at the same time and as a consequence, live with a lack of hormones for longer. Since collagen production is drastically affected during the hormonal loss, it's important to replenish the dry skin with ingredients that boost collagen. One of our best sellers and one of my all-time Botani favourites is our Nourishing Active Eye Cream. Perfect for the delicate and often dry area of skin around your eyes, Nourishing Active Eye Cream firms and restores skin elasticity with natures tightening active Acacia Senegal Gum and locks moisture into the skin with our signature skin intelligent ingredient Olive Squalene. It's non-greasy, smells so delicious you could eat it and above all, works. I feel like I've had an eye lift whenever I apply it. Seriously.

Options For Imbalanced Hormones

Instead of resorting to hormone replacement therapies or medication, why not look at the topical skin care products. Botani offers you a wide variety of skin care products to choose from. Author: Michaela @ Botani.

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