Tips To Keep Your Feet Happy

Highly Effective Tips To Keep Your Feet Happy

Tips To Keep Your Feet Happy
Your feet are hard-working and often neglected, try to keep your feet happy and in excellent condition with Botani's highly effective foot treatment. There are many conditions and issues your feet may have suffered from or are currently suffering from including bacterial infections, cracked heels, dry skin, fungal infections and other issues related to your nails and a poor choice of footwear.

Botani's Foot Care Treatment

Botáni has a beautiful range of products to help you keep your feet happy. Enjoy this highly effective Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat, Hydrate foot care treatment. Soak your feet in warm water.


Cleanse your feet with PhytoBody Wash or Eco-Clear Body Bar.


Exfoliate your feet with Spirulina Salt Scrub to remove rough, scaly, dry skin and impurities. Wash off and dry your feet thoroughly.


Treat any skin irritations or fungal infections with Phytoseptic Anti-Fungal Skin Cream twice daily for as long as required.


Hydrate, heal and nourish your feet by massaging with Olivéne Balm. Establish these highly useful foot care tips into your daily skin care routine to keep your feet happy, smooth, soft and healthy.

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