Take Care Of Hands And Feet In Winter

How To Take Care Of Hands And Feet In Winter

Hands And Feet In Winter

Winter tends to flare up some skin conditions and irritations, but few areas are hit as hard by the chill as our hands and feet. If you're suffering from dryness, itchiness or a flare-up of skin conditions (like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or even fungal infections), there's no better time than winter to ramp up your skincare routine and take care of your hands and feet in winter.

Winter Care For Your Feet And Hands

Think of how often you use your hands throughout the day. They are constantly exposed to the elements but, unlike our faces, we often forget to treat them to a proper skincare routine. We wash them countless times each day, stripping them of their protective natural oils. Regardless of your profession, chances are you'll be working for your hands harder than any other part of your body. Our hands are overworked year 'round, but in the winter they're even more susceptible to harsh environmental factors- namely the cold, dry air and the equally drying effects of artificial heating. The cooler months are just as taxing on the feet, but for a very different reason. Open toe shoes are a no-go come winter, so our feet some inside socks and shoes. This means they're sweaty and unable to breathe, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacterial infections such as tinea. Your hands and feet are the most used and abused parts of our body, and both can benefit from exfoliation and moisturization. Ensure that neither your hands nor your feet are left dry and itchy during the winter months by devoting little extra care to them.

How To Care For Your Feet In Winter

It may seem like a given, but one of the most critical steps in caring for your feet during winter is to make sure you're cleaning them thoroughly. Fungal infections, such as tinea, grow in warm, sweat-prone areas, so if you aren't cleaning your feet properly and allowing your shoes to breathe between wears, you'll be leaving your feet susceptible to infection. To care for your feet, soak them thoroughly, then clean them using our Eco-Clear Body Bar. This soap is naturally medicated, packed with antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients, including tea tree oil (a known anti-fungal) to properly cleanse the skin without stripping it of any important natural oils. Overworked feet are often left sore and dry, with layers of skin building up to create uncomfortable calluses, so gently scrub your feet regularly to keep rough, dry skin at bay. Our Spirulina Salt Scrub contains natural ingredients that ensure bacteria and fungus can't survive, while sea salt granules gently, but effectively, buff away dead, dry skin and calluses. After exfoliating, apply a natural moisturizer like our Olive Hand & Body Cream. While it might seem counterproductive to moisturise an area that you want to keep moisture free, it is an important step for a number of reasons. Firstly, this particular moisturiser contains olive squalene, a natural ingredient that works to mimic your skin's natural built in moisturiser. This natural wonder actually balances your skin's oil production, rather than kicking it into overdrive. If we deprive our skin of moisture it will work overtime to compensate, producing even more oil. Hydrating your feet is also important after a scrub to replenish the moisture levels you may have lost during exfoliation.

How To Care For Dry Hands In Winter

Similar principles apply to caring for dry hands during the winter. Ensure you're thoroughly washing them to kill any germs, but look for a natural alternative to skin drying, chemical packed hand sanitisers. Many mainstream hand sanitising products contain alcohol and harsh chemicals, which strip the skin of its natural oils and leave them feeling even drier than before, but our PhytoBody Wash can be used on the hands to rid them of germs naturally, thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of lemon myrtle and orange peel oil. Exfoliate your hands regularly with our Spirulina Salt Scrub to remove dry, cracked winter skin, and keep a tube of Olive Hand & Body Cream in your handbag or on your desk, so you can routinely restore moisture to your hands every day. Treat yourself to a mini manicure at home, to keep your hands looking and feeling as healthy as possible. Your skin is at its softest when it is warm and damp, so shower time is the best time to push your cuticles back without damaging the delicate skin. You can also use this time to gently exfoliate with your Spirulina Salt Scrub to reveal brighter, softer skin, then apply a thick layer of your rich Olive Hand & Body Cream to restore any moisture you may have lost during your shower.

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